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"Joy in Christ" - this motto of the year for the New Apostolic Church unfolds from service to service. How do our brothers and sisters in faith see this? An action to participate: Put the motto into the picture!

The motto for the year 2015 is multifaceted. In his New Year's speech Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider named four points. Thus, "joy in Christ" incorporates:

  • The joy of salvation through Christ
  • The joy in the Christian fellowship
  • The joy of serving, following the example of the Lord
  • The joy of these gifts and powers which we receive for everyday life
Two of these aspects were illuminated in detail by the Chief Apostle in his New Year's service in Herne-Wanne-Eickel (North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany) : The joy of salvation in Christ is nourished, for example: - From the certainty that in the end, the goodness of God will definitely triumph over evil - From the possibility of becoming like Christ - From the small and huge victories that we can achieve when we work with, and in, the Spirit of God The Christian fellowship is also a source of joy, said the Chief Apostle: - If we understand the congregation as a working group with a common goal - When, in a baptism, sealing, confirmation, or ordination of a soul, we make the decision: Yes, I want to become a Christian. Yes, I want to serve Jesus - If we, as "team winners", preserve the oneness, above all personal and cultural differences Even now: there are lots of impulses that initially need to be processed. It sometimes helps to get a picture of them. What do I have in my mind here? How do I imagine them? That is precisely what is calling on its readers to do: Place the brothers and sisters in faith around the globe, via this year's motto, into the picture. Take a photograph, make a short video clip, let the children paint or become creative - always with the thought, "I feel the joy in Christ because ..." or "I feel the joy in Christ, when ..." Send us your works! During the year, we will publish the best ideas here and on With this action however, there are a few rules to follow: - If you send us something, you agree to the publication of it. Give us your name, age and congregation. - Ensure that all persons depicted, agree to the publication. Inquire, for safety's sake. - Send no photos or creative work to us, for which you do not have the express permission for its publication. Other artists' works, such as property found on the Internet, cannot be published. So, now with joy to work: The editors can be contacted at:

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