Youth Day 11 to 13 July 2014 in South East Africa: District Apostle Mkhwanazi welcomes youth via video.

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Every three years, with rotating venues, the youth of South East Africa get together. This year, the youth will meet at Sagewood School, Midrand. The compound offers a lot of space with a marquee for 4000 people, several smaller pavilions and two sports grounds for community experiences and divine service.

In a video message the District Apostle Patrick Mkhwanazi welcomes the youth to his working area for the Youth Day 2014 at Sagewood School in Midrand.

Furthermore the Youth Theme Song was published on the Youth Day.

The "Youth Theme Song" connects the Youth Day motto "Living, Loving, Choosing for Christ" with the annual theme "Labour in Love". Another six hymns, which will be played and sung in the divine service, are presented in the video clip. The scores are available for download on the website.

After reading the bible text:

During the divine service:

To celebrate Holy Communion:

After the divine service:

Guests are District Apostle Michael D. Deppner, District Apostle Michael Ehrich and District Apostle Tshitshi Tshisekedi.

We wish the youth in South East Africa a joyful weekend and God's blessing.

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