Labour in Love: a humanitarian journey to Belize

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War, sickness, poverty, natural catastrophes – for many people life on this earth is not good. They fall into situations of distress, must fight to survive and are thankful for every bit of help. We are always moved by such terrible situations, but what is our Christian answer to them? A simple prayer? Compassion without actions? Donations?

The humanitarian programme “Re Charitable Ministry” of the New Apostolic Church in the USA offers participants the opportunity to serve others, just as Christ did; face to face. The journey will allow each helper to be at the location, to interact and to respond to the words of Christ, “Go into the world”. Participants can experience Christ close at hand on each of these humanitarian visits, can walk in His footsteps and share His love with others and give people in distress a new perspective again.

The visit to Belize takes place from 14th June until 21st June 2014, and also from 21st June until 28th June 2014. You can find further information under:

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