“If approval is given for this, choir conductors are allowed to choose who sings ...”. The Bischoff publishing house reveals the history of our choir singing:

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It happened with surprise: the choir book, in its existing form, received an increasing number of criticisms within the church because of its number of mistakes and shortcomings. Furthermore, there were derisive comments made by other churches due to its many badly written text and musical movements. The background to this can be read in a bold article which appeared in a New Apostolic circular in 1909, ‘Because our current choir book is causing offence amongst singers in the congregation because of its many errors, and its song contents no longer conform with the awareness state of our faith within the congregations, the decision has been taken by the assembly of the Apostles, [...] to work forthwith in producing a new choir book [...]. Additionally, those who are our enemies use the contents of this book to make intense attacks against our congregations.’ ”

The introduction to this seven-page article is also just as fascinating, but which unfortunately is only written in the German language.

I havent given any instructions to the church choirs yet, but it has become necessary [...]
A choir may only be formed with the permission of the Apostle. The congregation must consist of at least 150-200 souls [...] If its approval is given, choir conductors are allowed to make the choice of who sings [...] In the process of selection it must be ensured that respectable persons are chosen, because the choir is a fruit on the tree of the congregation. This is quoted in a letter drawn up in 1912 to the congregational rectors by the later Chief Apostle Johann Gottfried Bischoff, which is informative in many aspects. Mixed choirs, singing during the divine services, were by no means the general situation, even decades after the emergence of the New Apostolic Church.”

In the article, the publishing house gives a report of the history of choir singing, starting from 1859 and ends the chronology with the introduction of the 2013 edition of the choir book.

Source: http://shop.bischoff-verlag.de/out/media/51003x_Geschichte_des_Chorsingens.pdf

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