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The recently ordained Apostle, Samuel Tansahtikno, (Philippines) visited Myanmar from 3-10 Dec. a country he served as Bishop for quite some years now. His focus was on Northern part of Myanmar where most children of God live. Due to flight cancelation, he conducted the first Divine Service however in Yangon. before proceeding to the congregations in Chin State a mountainous and this time of the year, a very cold area.

Eventually he reached Chin State, a mountainous and this time of the year, a very cold area. Tuithang, Teddim and Kaptel were the congregations joyfully welcoming the Apostle before continuing his travel to 3 more congregations in Kalay area.

The ministers, Our Brothers did not come short either. One brother meeting was held with the topic : “The return of Christ and the understanding of our concept of ministry”

Proclaim the word, Soul Care and Teaching are on the daily agenda of an Apostle. This mission was fulfilled also on this trip.

Temperature was low, “Cold, but warmth was felt by the joy in the congregations” The Apostle summarized his experience.


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