No Summer Break for nacworld - What are the next steps of development?

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A week ago, we expanded the blog features: text, images, videos and surveys uniformly put on a new website online. In the coming days and weeks, followed by further improvements.

What have we done last week?

With „public pictures/post“ you can text and images are now online more quickly. In the past days thereby was clearly more blogs and photos published as before. It has now also the new opportunities provided and released only to their own contacts and posts some initial surveys.

What we develop in the coming days?

In the coming days we will make further improvements:

  • merging of blog and forum into a single content area
  • comments / responses (such as posts also) consist of text, images, videos and surveys
  • Categorization of contents in the personal area and in groups
  • alphabetical and chronological grouping
  • further integration of media
  • developing of a real file manager for groups
  • highlighting of important content in their own personal space

We do everything to ensure you have a lot of fun with nacworld. If you have more ideas yet, connect us.

What do we develop in the coming weeks?

In the course of summer/autumn we will publish completely new areas:

  • a marketplace with classified ads, single market and job market
  • a video chat with very special people;-)
  • an events calendar

And in between we go on holiday, build a house, getting kids planting trees and are open to new ideas.

What are the advantages of the development?

We want nacworld is to operate in spite of all functions quickly and easily. With the development we reach the following goals:

  • Easyer: For any publication in nacworld there is only one possibility. You must not think, look, ask,...
  • Secure: Privacy is implemented technical even better, if not simply nacworld structured and complex. The visibility of your contents and activities you put in easyer.
  • More clearly: Contents are not longer different for blog and forums, but get a common base. You can find contents in nacworld faster.

For the feedback in the past few days, we thank you very much. We work hard every day to make nacworld even better and are on your wishes and suggestions are very interested.

Friendly greetings from the nacworld team

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