A presentation, a meal, and a celebration

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Christians live their belief everywhere, whether at university, in a war zone, or at church. Sometimes words are important, other times a helping hand is. This week’s review takes us to three continents.

Apostle gives talk at university

Holy Communion for the departed, belief in the return of Jesus Christ: these were two key topics, which Apostle Clément Haeck gave a presentation on at the University of Luxembourg. The university had invited representatives of all churches and religions in Luxembourg to give a talk before students about their religious beliefs concerning life after death, and the connected subjects of death, dying, and grief. After the talk, students and church representatives came together to share their ideas.

Because of the positive response, similar events are being planned. Additional subjects will be considered, such as religious rites in connection with marriage and weddings.

A proper meal for children

Even the preschoolers came to the table with clean hands. The older children made sure that they washed their hands, NAK-karitativ reports. The charity of the New Apostolic Church in Germany and a long-time partner, Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V., is providing a daily school lunch in South Sudan. Many children here do not get a proper meal. Most come to school with growling stomachs. Since the beginning of the month, the situation is different.

The school project on the grounds of the New Apostolic Church in Juba has been ongoing for many years. The school is situated in a conflict area, and since its opening in 2007 there has been a steady influx of new children. Not only do the children get an education and something to eat, the school is also a safe place to be: “During the violent fighting in 2016, up to three thousand people took refuge on the property. No armed fighters came on the property,” NAK-karitativ reports. In addition to a preschool, an elementary school, and a high school, the compound also includes a medical centre, a water purification system, a kiosk, and our church building. Since the beginning of May, the children have now been receiving a proper meal.

The Church celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in Buenos Aires

The New Apostolic Church in Argentina celebrated its golden jubilee. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary, District Apostle Enrique Eduardo Minio came to the capital, Buenos Aires, to conduct a divine service in the central church, which was transmitted across the entire working area.

Chief Apostle Schneider conveyed his greetings and congratulations. The brothers and sisters also remembered Chief Apostle Walter Schmidt, who had dedicated the church building half a century before and whose words at the time have become a well-known saying in New Apostolic circles: “Your entry is with joy, your departure with bliss.” More than 1,300 participants were counted in the central church in Buenos Aires. The District Church has published a short video clip of the service on its website.

Author: Oliver Rütten

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