Ade-san in retirement

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He was national district rector of the New Apostolic congregations in Japan. For nearly half a century he served the Church in a number of ministries. Sunday a week ago, District Apostle Urs Hebeisen placed Wolfgang Ade into retirement.

Wolfgang Ade is well-known, not only in Japan. He has lived in Japan since 1981. He was born in Stuttgart (Germany) seventy years ago. What brought him to Japan? It was love. His wife, Shizuko, is Japanese. The couple has lived in Tokyo for thirty-six years now and has one daughter. She came to Europe while he was still studying in Germany. They decided to settle in Japan and set up their professional careers there. Dr Ade is a professor at Dokkyo Medical University in Mibu to this day. He supervises a co-op programme with the faculty of medicine of the Wilhelms University in Münster (Germany) and also supervises groups of Japanese students during their stay in Germany.

District leader in Japan: a challenge

Back in 1983 Apostle Erwin Wagner from Canada ordained him a Priest. The ordination was completely unexpected. But Wolfgang Ade said yes and stood by his decision. When his predecessor, Yoshiharu Yahata, retired in 2008, Priest Ade was appointed as national district rector for Japan—a big responsibility. District Apostle Leslie Latorcai ordained him a Shepherd at the time.

After nearly ten years as district rector now he is now retiring. In paying tribute, District Apostle Urs Hebeisen said to his co-worker and friend: “If faithfulness ever needed to be given a name, it would be Ade-san.” In all those years he was a man of faith and loyalty, who never tired of travelling and working for the Church in Japan. There are only a few New Apostolic members in the country and they are scattered over long distances. He certainly deserves his retirement. The District Apostle added: “We know that he will continue to support the Church.”

His successor is a local man

Priest Akihiro Kadohira was appointed as his successor in the same service. He is 54 years old and Japanese. District Apostle Hebeisen said: “Nationalities are not of importance in spiritual leadership.” But he does, he said, welcome the fact that the new national rector is Japanese.

Gates of righteousness

The divine service was based on Psalm 118: 19: “Open to me the gates of righteousness; I will go through them and I will praise the Lord.” The gates of righteousness were opened through faith in Jesus Christ, the District Apostle said. “Christ is our open gate and we want to enter. Knock and you will be opened, the Lord counselled.” Such faith produces good works, obedience, humility, trust, patience, and thankfulness, the District Apostle said to the congregation.

A further highlight in this divine service was the sealing of a mother and her child. A day before already, District Apostle Hebeisen had given a marriage blessing to Priest Thomas Bayer and his fiancée, Akie. This weekend Japanwas truly an unforgettable experience.

Author: Peter Johanning

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