The sacraments (17): commonalities and differences in black and white

Naturally the churches acknowledge each other’s baptisms, even though this step has taken centuries to achieve. After all, the question of sacraments is intimately linked to the respective understanding each one has of what constitutes church. And yet they have all managed to approve sound papers on the subject.

In the meantime, such things have indeed come into being: documents in which the church…

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Only a few sentences, but so much substance!

The Lord’s Prayer is 2,000 years old and is considered the central prayer of all Christians. It has maintained its place in Holy Scripture and in Christian churches around the world to this day. So what does it express?

The New Apostolic sermons in the month of September will revolve around the core statements and petitions of the Lord’s Prayer. The prayer that Jesus taught His disciples is somethi…

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The light of the world

Restricted by Covid-19? Nothing of the sort! This hymn transcends borders. Enjoy this delightful and powerful rendition by the congregation of Brussels, an international community. The hymn, sung in Lingala, can be found in the French hymnal. It magnifies the light that God sent into the … torage/master/file/25886302/13191816.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/863842.smil/jwpla…

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Challenge accepted: India celebrates

It all began with a woman who became New Apostolic while on a trip to Denmark fifty years ago. Upon returning to India, she did not keep her faith to herself, but rather told many others about Jesus and living Apostles. And against all odds, there are around 45,000 New Apostolic Christians living in India today.

How it all began

In 1968, Angel Robinson, an Indian citizen, travelled to Denmark. There…

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... the church comes to the believer

Lockdown, bans on assembly, no divine services—in many places, believers cannot gather together in the church. For them the offer of divine service by video continues.

Wherever possible, Christians gather together as a congregation: they worship God, give thanks and praise, listen to the word of God in the sermon, and celebrate Holy Communion. If this is not possible—for various reasons—the church…

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Of fountains and springs and a church

The New Apostolic Church in Bad Schwalbach has an unusual church building. Though it was dedicated in 1875 as an Anglican Church, the Anglican congregation left their little chapel some 54 years later. In 1957 in was purchased by the New Apostolic Church, and serves its members as a place of worship to this very day.

The German town of Bad Schwalbach looks back on a long history. Idyllically set in…

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Pastoral care (05): with and without a ministry

Who can provide pastoral care? Here are some thoughts on the motivation, passion, and ministerial mandate behind pastoral care, and the fact that everyone can be active in it.

“One cannot provide pastoral care from behind the altar. You have to be close to the sick and suffering,” Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider emphasised in divine service in Buenos Aires in Argentina in April 2016. And you don’t…

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nacnews: an update to the news reader

New Apostolic news from around the world—but only the articles I want to read! Anyone at all can choose for himself. It’s a piece of cake with nacnews!

nacnews offers a compact and convenient overview of news reports from various websites of the New Apostolic Church. Global news sources include the media of the New Apostolic Church International, as well as those of the regional District Churches…

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Spotlight 15/2020: Only Christ makes free, nobody else

From the vastness of paradise to a small labyrinth of selfish goals, from great freedom to close confinement. How man has changed! He could do better for himself, District Apostle Helper David Devaraj from Bangalore in India writes.

Mankind forfeited his life of total freedom in paradise in pursuit of perceived freedom only to find himself in a “box” in which egoism, individualism, and a complicate…

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Pastoral care must be learned

Expert skills are not imparted by ordination or appointment—these are things that must first be learned. Nevertheless, the Church strives to support and guide its ministers and teachers in their endeavours. In some ways, the various District Churches pursue this task in similar ways, but sometimes they take quite a different approach

A target-group oriented approach

The New Apostolic Church Western…

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One faith, one church

Who or what is the New Apostolic Church? In any case, it is more than just one individual church. In fact, legally speaking, it is an association of independent churches. What makes it a global entity?

Congregations and districts are the basis of the ecclesial structure. The congregations and districts organise their activities locally in a largely independent manner. The district and congregationa…

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On the air: Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea

Online video services are also being broadcast from the two Central African countries of Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. Here is our weekly overview, including the two newcomers.

The New Apostolic Church Southern Germany broadcast its first centrally transmitted online services in quite a number of languages. The reason for this is that the District Apostle Area looks after a number of countries and…

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Muli buuti!

In the Tonga language, this means “Good day!” Helen (19) from the congregation of Heide and Silvan (26) from the congregation of Backnang (both in Germany) both did their “weltwärts” development volunteer service in Zambia. Following is a first-hand report on a fascinating experience.

Helen writes:

My name is Helen. I am from the congregation of Heide in the west of Schleswig-Holstein. In September…

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The danger of being scattered

Being a Christian means trials, distress, and hardship, the Chief Apostle stated in a recent divine service. But believers don’t have to fear, for the Son of God will help them, just as the Father helped Him.

In a divine service on in Kempten in Germany on 2 August 2020, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider concentrated on God’s help in difficult times. Everyone who follows Christ is exposed to afflict…

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Poster series 2021: I do my part in the congregation

Despite the corona pandemic, there will still be a new series of showcase posters for use in our congregations next year. Contrary to previous years, however, there was no photoshoot this time around.

New Apostolic congregations will once again hang pictures in their display cases in the year 2021. Every month, a different poster will provide passers-by with some inspiration for their day. In contr…

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The sacraments (16): the road into the baptismal community

Acknowledging the baptisms of other denominations is not as simple as it sounds, and the journey there has had its ups and downs in church history. A number of things had to be set into motion before the New Apostolic Church was in a position to acknowledge the baptisms of other Christian denominations.

“Holy Baptism with water is the first and fundamental act of grace of the triune God bestowed up…

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How the Church makes decisions

How are decision-making processes conducted? Do they involve Apostles only? And which topics are we talking about here? Answers to three questions that were put to the Chief Apostle during the panel discussion at the IYC … torage/master/file/24756471/12604519.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/860185.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />…

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New: online services in Lithuania

The range of online services has been expanded. The Church in Lithuania is now also broadcasting services on YouTube on Sundays.

In many countries, assemblies and divine services are still not possible. The offer of divine services by call-in and video transmission via YouTube is aimed especially at these brothers and sisters. The New Apostolic Church in Lithuania is now also online and offering di…

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Aid organisations amid the corona pandemic: aid workers in an ongoing deployment (Part 2)

For months at a time, aid workers toil in remote regions, only to find that they cannot even return home to their families owing to recent lockdowns. It is a crisis that stops people in their tracks, and yet still allows them to grow…

Are aid measures on the brink of failure or do projects have to be stopped altogether due to the pandemic? What are the effects of Covid-19 on ongoing and future effo…

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A church building of monumental age

A New Apostolic church building that is 350 years old—you don’t see that every day. But the Schildesche quarter of the city of Bielefeld is home to a venerable historic monument that still keeps our attention today. A little excursion into history.

“Schildesche” means something to the effect of a seed field in the shape of a shield. And indeed, a good harvest can only result from a good seed—and th…

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