Copyright and rules for quotations

nacworld thrives on your text, pictures and communication. We are very happy that you are so engaged and active. Time and again, however, works of third parties are also published: a poem by a known author, pictures of a friend and so on.

With each publication of a third party item the copyright of the owner/author of that item is addressed - knowingly or unknowingly.

Complementary to respective val…

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Personal mail from nacworld for you

nacworld now keeps you regularly informed about what's happening in your network. In this newsletter you will find the following information:

  • The latest from your network: what's been happening? What are your contacts doing?
  • unread messages in your nacworld inbox: who has written to you?
  • forthcoming birthdays of your contacts: who can you send congratulations to in the next few days?
  • new blogs from na…

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Summary of Information and Activities

It is our wish that nacworld members receive information even faster and with improved visibility. Therefore we have now placed messages on the start page and on the overview page of the groups.

Information of a similar nature now appears grouped together and identical activites are summarised.

What has changed?

When, for example, several members liked a blog or a photo, they generated many individua…

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Meeting of the nacworld team in May 2011

The nacworld team met for its annual conference from 27th to 29th May 2011. The longest travel journey was faced by our Portuguese translator, Karin, from Brazil.

Around 20 team members conferred together over two and a half days in the church administration building at Dortmund (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Working Procedures, Marketing Concept and Mission Statement

The marketing concept and the mission…

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District Apostles Say "Go!" To The Further Development Of nacworld

On May 11 and 12, 2011, the European District Apostles had a meeting to inform each other about their work and to coordinate it.

In this District Apostle Meeting, they also talked about nacworld and the planned further development.

Green Light

The District Apostles agreed on the further development of the online portal. During the next months, a mobile version shall be introduced and a market place w…

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Stress Testing Passed: Chat with 70 nacworld Members

"I'm feeling dizzy", said a nacworld member while chatting last night. Up to 70 readers and writers were attending which made the chat extraordinarily fast and complex.

But with some smalltalk and questions for the nacworld team the 60 minutes passed away quickly. The nacworld team thanks all those who were attending for their ideas and questions.

High-performance chat

The technical basis for the cha…

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Thousands of translations in nacworld

nacworld offers you a technical translation for blogs and forum entries. So you are able to understand even you don't speak the language. More than this, the nacworld team produces many translations manually.

Seven Languages

nacworld is online in 7 languages. This means that you can read this blog and a lot of other things on nacworld in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanis…

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Chat with the nacworld team on May 9, 2011

We would like to have your opinion to the developed chat and the new functions. The nacworld team will be available to chat on Monday 9, 2011 from 9 to 10 pm (CEST).

We are looking forward to an interesting talk and to lots of new ideas.

Further information you will find in the overview of the nacworld-Blogs.

The online-help with more than 100 answers regarding nacworld is available 24/7 by clicking…

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Overview of all active group chats and members that are available to chat

With nacworld, you can maintain contacts and friendships. You can do this through exchanges of dialogue, one to one or with others within a group. nacworld offers you the dialogue chat and the group chat.

We have further developed the technical possibilities of both chat types in April 2011.

Overview of active group chats

Some nacworld groups have already activated the chat and talk regularly. As fro…

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Foster contacts with nacworld

nacworld gives you so many ways to communicate with your friends and your brothers and sisters in faith:


Your grandma, your uncle, your best friend, your pastoral counsellor - all are welcome in nacworld. If they haven't joined nacworld yet, you can invite them to join: click on "Members" (top menu ) and "Invite friends" (menu left-hand side) and send your invitation.

Make contact

On each profi…

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One year ago ...

In March 2010, nacworld had 14,366 members. In March 2011, the number had risen to 27,900 - the membership has doubled.

In March 2010, 66.98% of all nacworld members were from the youth. In March 2011, the proportion of youth had fallen to 44.15%. The one-time youth portal has developed into a real community image.

In March 2010, 91.20% of all nacworld members were German-speaking.Now they are just…

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nacworld has a new search facility: simple, global and super fast.

We have completely re-vamped nacworld’s search function for you. It has now been made much simpler, global and super fast.

Direct display

You will immediately see the first results directly as you enter your search string. This direct display is revealed beneath the search box. The results are grouped under the main headings of nacworld. The numbers of matching hits, with corresponding links to the…

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Your individual nacworld settings in 65 clicks

Everything in nacworld is meant to be clearly laid out and made very simple for its members. In only two pages you can set up your communication and privacy requirements.

Personal communication settings

In “My nacworld” > “Administration” > “settings” you only need 7 clicks to set which messages you want nacworld to send you by e-mail. If you generally do not want to receive any Group messages, or i…

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Hiding reports from “News of the network”

On your personal start page, “My nacworld”, we send you news of “News of the network”. These reports contain multitudes of new information from members, groups, blogs, forums and media.

From now on you can display or hide individual reports of “News of the network”.

The new feature “Hide”

Beneath each article you will see the new feature “Hide”. Placing your mouse pointer over this feature, nacworld…

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Ignoring contents and activities

Now you have the possibility to isolate and ignore the contents and activities of other nacworld members. On the profile page of each member you will see at the upper left-hand side beneath the “Search” field the feature “Ignore the contents of ... ”.

With one click on this feature the nacworld member will be ignored so that you will no longer receive his/her messages, comments and activities. Your…

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nacworld blog

nacworld has its own blog. In the future we will keep you more timely informed with this nacworld blog of news, details of features and tips about legalities, data protection and privacy.

We will write the nacworld blog in seven languages. The blogs will be translated almost instantaneously from the original German blog. Similarly, the top-level views of nacworld and system reports will also be alm…

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