International Day of Prayer for Peace


On 21st September we observe the International Day of Prayer for Peace. Together for PEACE, Respect, safety and dignity for all goes this year’s message of the United Nation.

Christians remember the famous greetings of Jesus: PEACE BE WITH YOU. Yet also the Psalmist desired the city of Jerusalem be filled with peace and salvation from within and that its inhabitants should share in it, as expresse…

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Pentecost Divine Service from Vienna

In Malaysia at 4 p.m., however please be at the KL Central church by 3:30 p.m. in order not to miss out the pre information!

The divine service will take place at the famous Vienna Concert Hall, which offers seating for some 2,000 attendees. The Chief Apostle will serve in German and be translated into English phrase by phrase. The signal recorded in Vienna will then travel by satellite to Germany…

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Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter, again we celebrate high-feasts of Christianity. Such days should not be lived through without reflection on their meaning. We remember the high light of the life of Jesus. Our thoughts are directed to His entrance into Jerusalem and visit at the temple where He made a clear statement. The victory of Jesus Christ over evil and His resurrection is essential for o…

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