Spreading the Gospel Here, There, and Everywhere

It’s not always an easy task to spread the gospel in the Philippines. The landscape might be a challenge for some brothers and sisters. The Apostles must walk for a few hours over the mountains and rivers to reach the congregation. District Apostle Edy Isnugroho experienced this a little during last week on his visit to North and South Luzon.

He accompanied by Apostle Samuel Handojo Tansahtikno and…

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A Wedding in the Mountains

Marriage is a great occasion that comes into a life of the couple only once and therefore, calls for a celebration anywhere in the world. This is a very solemn occasion accompanied with numerous customs associated with it, making it memorable to the couple and their family.

Meanwhile, Apostle Catan solemnized a wedding that took place in the mountainous area of Bulwang Congregation, Tayasan, Negros…

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Remaining with The Lord

Once a year, All Apostles, national rectors as well as administrative officers gathered for the annual NAC SEAsia meeting. This year they gathered during last weekend from 17-19 January 2020 in Jakarta. Country specific dialogues and deliberations of spiritual topics from the desk of Chief Apostle as well planning and strategic issues were on the agenda.

The ministers from Jakarta and Banten distri…

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"Christ makes free"

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Christmas celebrations are tradition in New Apostolic Congregations and are taking place, usually in form of concerts and presentations, worldwide these days. Makati congregation has a long tradition as well in this kind of yearly activity.

This year we had a bit a different format. “A drama musical” was presented, Sunday December 15 at our Makati Church.

Renditions of choir and orchestra were follo…

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From Haguimitan to Lagau

From 29 November until 8 December 2019, over 1.100 children of God were served by District Apostle Edy Isnugroho in Davao and South Cotabato in the working area of Apostle Alfredo Pascual. The retired District Apostle Hebeisen was also there, as he had a project of NACSEARelief.

During this visit, District Evangelist Servando Villarente, Shepherd Libro Camilo, Evangelist Sofony Nuyad and Evangelist…

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District Apostle in Makati and Caraga District

District Apostle Edy Isnugroho visited Philippines from August 24th until September 1st, 2019. On Sunday, 24th August in Makati church he was accompanied by all Philippines Apostles. He conducted a divine service and a youth meeting. The Apostles and their assistants were there to attend the National Council Philippines Meeting and the OASYS3 workshop held by brother Robert Maier on the preceding…

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Philippine oldest NAC member passes away

Our oldest member in Makati, Deacon Francisco Equia, born 29th January 1925 passed away, 31st July 2019.  Sealed on 10th October 1974 he was among the very first members  in the the Philippines, thus also the longest living member in the Philippines. He loved to sing in the choir until high age. We extend our condolences, sympathy and prayers go out to the family.

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Together with Apostle Samuel Tansahtikno, Apostle Cleofas Bual, and Bishop Puso, District Apostle Edy Isnugroho toured the Biliran and Leyte sub-district from 14thto 17th July. He conducted Divine Services in Almeria, Visares Ormoc, Baliw Southern Leyte and Bobonon Tacloban.

Their journey continues to Cebu where all Apostles from South East Asia and Bishops from the Philippines gathered for a meeti…

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Divine service for the departed

On Sunday we will celebrate the divine service for the departed. How does the New Apostolic Church explain its divine services for the departed? How can we explain to people what occurs there so that they can understand it? Maybe like this. Following is the excerpt from a flyer, Service for the departed, published by the New Apostolic Church International:

Dear guest, we extend a warm welcome to y…

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"Community" magazine No 3/2019 just published

Our most interesting magazine “community” is coming to you again. Interesting articles from our churches around the world, doctrinal explanations, give witness to the editorial of the Chief Apostle “the congregation is alive and active”.


You can download it from the country websites in South Asia. As usual a printed copy is prepared for inspiring reading at home or while travelling. Our Sunday Sch…

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Philippine IYC Delegation in Switzerland and Germany

Here I am could also 31 members of the Philippine NAC Youth say, who  travelled to Duesseldorf to attend the International Youth Convention a celebration of faith and identity in the future. During 3 action packed days they entertained  at the booth of SOUTH EAST ASIA with Philippine folklore songs and native games such as Tinikling. Together with their Indonesian brethren they attracted always a…

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District Apostle Edy Isnugroho visited Negros Oriental

It has been a busy week for Apostle Sigfred Catan. He hosted the District Apostle, as well as Apostle Samuel Tansahtikno who all came to his area from 12th to 19th May. Started from Dumaguete Central to Secopong, Dawis, Lower Carol-an, and ended in Amlan.

The District Apostle conducted several divine services and attended National Council Philippines Meeting. A program with the youth on the weekend…

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Annual Report published

Our social-responsibility-service-provider NACSEARelief has published its annual report 2018. It can be downloaded at">  We are thankful for the good co-operation between NAC-Philippines and NACSEARelief.

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Leo Poortvliet, born 21 February 1954, growing up in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. He became Banker and with age of 30 he joined the International Division and subsequently worked world wide in risk audits. First assignment in Malaysia, then Curacao, Dutch Antilles, in the Caribbean where he stayed for 7 years. Here he was called to the work in the ministry. First a Deacon and within 6 months a Pri…

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Apostle Desoloc in Lampung/Indonesia

District Apostle Edy Isnugroho invited Apostle Leonilo Desoloc (Philippines) to visit our brethren in Lampung on 15-17 March 2019. On the first day of his visit the District Apostle conducted a ministers and wives service from all districts of Lampung in Sumber Agung. Coinciding with that, it was Apostle Desoloc’s birthday, so he had the opportunity to celebrate together with the ministers and the…

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District Apostle Edy Isnugroho in Bohol

Annual Meeting NACSEARelief, Apostles and Bishops Meeting, an evening of contemplation at our Tagbilaran Church and then the Divine Service for the Departed on Sunday morning. It was a full program for the District Apostle. He continues his travel with visits to congregations in the interior.

The DA in retirement addressed the congregation in the hour of contemplation in preparation for the Sunday…

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Mourning our founding father

District Elder Herbert Pache, Waterloo/Ontario, CANADA passed away 84 years old on 26th February 2019. He founded the New Apostolic Church Philippines in 1972.

Herb Pache touched many lives in this part of the world. He was the first one in Japan, Korea and the Philippines. Also in Hong Kong and Taiwan he gathered the first souls; His name is known here and has a special place in the history of the…

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Annual meeting in Jakarta of Apostles and Responsible Rectors South East Asia

During this weekend from 12 to 14 January 2019, the Apostles as well as national rectors, and administrative executives gathered in Jakarta to attend the Annual Convention of the NAC Southeast Asia and discuss a number of topics including the implementation of the concept of ministry and preparation for IYC 2019 in Düsseldorf.

Sunday morning (1/13) they joined with all ministers and wives from DKI…

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A blessed NEW YEAR of Grace, RICH IN CHRIST

The Chief Apostle addresses the faithful world-wide with a personal New Year’s address. “Rich in Christ” is the motto for the year 2019 and the message of our Chief Apostle explores the wealth we have received through our faith in Jesus Christ. It is a wealth that we both treasure and share with our neighbour in word and deed. HAPPY NEW YEAR


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