Festivities in Manila with historical dimensions

Chief Apostle Jean Luc Schneider visited Manila from 16th to 20th November 2018. His program had a wide dimension. 40 Apostles gathered for their regional meeting. Then there were the delegates from whole Asia and Western Pacific, From Pakistan to Japan to Australia; a total of 20 countries were represented. After musical and choir renditions at the Makati Church on Saturday the Chief Apostle cond…

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All Saints' Day all Souls' Day

The Christian celebration of All Saints Day and All Souls Day stems from a belief that there is a powerful spiritual bond between those in heaven and the living and is celebrated in the Philippines by family reunions on cemeteries. November 1 and 2 are National Holiday.

The New Apostolic church has a distinct doctrine on souls salvation for the ones in the realm of the departed based on the concept…

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Dumaguete Ruby Wedding

DA Hebeisen was on his last trip with ministry mandate and the Apostle Catan invited him to the Dumaguete Church. It was a weekend of celebration with the Catan family. The Apostle and his wife Sr. Cornelia celebrated their Ruby, 40th wedding anniversary. Their daughter and her husband brought their baby boy for baptismal and sealing to the Altar.It is always a special event when a family celebrat…

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Family and Youth Day in Bicol

This was the last area where the District Apostle Helper Edy Isnugroho was not yet introduced. Bh. Cao made comprehensive preparations. A senior program, children gathering, youth meetings, ministers forum and a Divine service was organized. Despite the continued and at times heavy rain each event was filled with joy. The song “We shall keep our faith alive” was not only an expression…

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As a every year on first Sunday October, the New Apostolic Church Philippines celebrated its Thanksgiving. Nation wide the altars were decorated with the produce from the field commemorating gratitude for the daily bred we ask from God for each other in the Lord’s prayer.

The message in the Thanksgiving sermon was based on Psalm 136: 1,25+26. We bring thanks and praise to our God, the creator and a…

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Retirements in Davao

Sunday, 14th September 2018 at our Malita Curch, Bishop Rodrigo Muda, enters into retirement after 33 years of serving in the ministry of which 21 years as Bishop. The Youth honoured him with presentations on Saturday night.

The Bishop was a quiet man, sometimes too quiet for me” the District Apostle elaborated “but in quietness is also power” he continued, portraying the work of the retirin…

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