Ringing in the new church year

“Carol of the Bells” (“Shchedryk”) rings in the festive season on It was originally composed as a Ukrainian New Year’s song, but it gained popularity as an English Christmas carol. Here it is being sung by a choir comprised of members from several congregations in … torage/master/file/26753706/13619532.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/889842.smil/jwplayer.m3u8…

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Starting the new church year together

On Sunday Christians around the world will celebrate the first Sunday of Advent. A time of special lights, being together, and extraordinary emotions.

Many things are different this ear. This also applies to Advent and Christmas, which Christians normally celebrate with festive music, extra activities, and special divine services focusing on the birth of Jesus Christ and the anticipation of His ret…

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The sacraments (23): The Lord’s bountiful table

The New Testament says little about how, but all the more about why and what for. So how does the Bible interpret Holy Communion? Here is a look at the words of the one who instituted it, Jesus Christ.

“This is my body…”

The Greek term soma does not only mean “body” but also “organism”, the whole human being. Everything that Jesus is, is sketched out in the previous sentence: “He took bread, gave th…

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At home worldwide: Sharing joy and sorrow

Life is varied. Misery and elation alternate, and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is making it difficult not to feel overwhelmed. But there are always hopeful little stories that encourage and point to a better future. Here is a small glimpse.

Western Pacific: virtual Christmas concert

There is probably no place on earth where people will be able to celebrate their typical Christmas this year. One hig…

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Jesus dries our tears

The sermon was about weeping, but the situation was anything but sad! On the contrary, those who weep are to be consoled. This was the message of the Chief Apostle during a divine service in Strasbourg (France) on 15 November 2020.

Chief Apostle Schneider had actually planned to be in Buenos Aires (Argentina) that Sunday, but the current Covid-19 situation is making travel impossible. So the Chief…

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Nagorno-Karabakh, a region in turmoil

For years there has been a conflict in the region, with armed hostilities flaring up periodically. Despite a cease-fire agreement, there is no end to the turmoil engulfing Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the embattled region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Despite all of its beauty and its impressive history, Armenia has come to stand for poverty, foreign rule, and economic crises. Eighty per cent of the inhabitants…

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Divine Service Guide—the “How to”

A preparation aid, not a sermon template: in this last part of our video series, Apostles Jürgen Loy and Jens Lindemann explain how the “Divine Service Guide” becomes an actual sermon. The important thing in a divine service, however, is remembering to use the pronoun “we” … torage/master/file/26672504/13575646.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/886751.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />…

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Weekly update

Changed access details, new streaming offers… Here is this week’s update on our online church services across the globe.

The New Apostolic Church Switzerland live streams several divine services at once: the country’s multilingualism makes it necessary. New access details now apply for the French speakers.

The New Apostolic Church Southern Germany has stopped streaming central divine services in fav…

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Law and justice—two completely different beasts?

Who is in the right? An often heard question. Whom will the law favour? That is already a more difficult question to answer. But having the law on your side is not necessarily the same thing as actually being right. And what is justice anyway? Where does it start? Where does it end? A few words on the subject...

Let us turn back a few pages in history: the events that transpired in Europe some 80 y…

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Jesus Christ is our friend

Life is full of change: there is a constant flux between doubts and cares and strong faith and joy. But there is one thing we can always count on, says Chief Apostle Schneider.

A Bible passage that Chief Apostle Schneider made a note of many years ago as a young Deacon and which he recently came across again by chance served as the basis for his sermon in Nürtingen (Germany) on 8 November 2020. He…

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Pastoral care (08): a big heart for little children

Who cares for the children? Their parents, of course, but also the teachers, the whole congregation, and naturally also the ministers. But how can they help? And what are the special challenges of pastoral care for children?

Understanding the key issues

Pastoral care always looks at the whole person and therefore not only focuses on a person’s spiritual cares but also the issues of everyday life. An…

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United over thousands of kilometres

The pandemic forces people to keep a distance from one another. This also applies to the regularly occurring conference of the international Church leaders. In some respects, a digital conference of the District Apostles is uncharted territory, and the preparations for it were quite complex and involving.

The Canadians and Americans will appear on the screen at eight o’clock in the morning. In term…

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What repetitions say about God

Liturgy is more than just a prescribed pattern for worship. It also conveys the message of God to the believers. The Chief Apostle explained what it is for in a divine service this past August. The answer in a … torage/master/file/26610800/13544803.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/885444.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />…

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Local, regional, and countrywide

Fewer central video services, more local broadcasts: the number of transmissions is increasing. The goal in Europe is to have more service transmissions from local congregations.

The centrally transmitted video services were discontinued in Europe at the beginning of November. Most of the online services are now transmitted regionally. Divine services now reach the members at home from many differe…

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Stages on our way to perfect freedom

God wants to take every believer out of prison and lead him to perfect freedom. The Chief Apostle highlights important stages along the way and what is so wonderful about them.

“Giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light. He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love” (Coloss…

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Fight against sexual abuse

Prevention, education, processing—these are the pillars in the fight against violence and sexual misconduct. In its fight, the New Apostolic Church also supports campaigns outside its own ranks, as was recently demonstrated by the District Church Southern Germany.

The set is called Strong-Kids-Box (“Starke-Kinder-Kiste”) and is designed to help pre-schoolers “playfully learn to deal with their own…

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The sacraments (22): Soft or solid, just a question of time

Was the Last Supper of Jesus a Passover meal? This question helped ignite one of the greatest divisions the church has ever seen. And to this day, it is this question that determines how we celebrate the sacrament. The underlying problem: the Bible contradicts itself.

Crispy or fluffy? Unleavened or leavened? How is the element of “bread” in Holy Communion supposed to be baked anyway? This was one…

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Where’s the fire?

The return of Christ: this is the goal of faith for all New Apostolic Christians. Yet the fire of Christian anticipation of His imminent return was ignited long before the modern age. Following is a summary of 2,000 years of history.

There is a story that is often told in Judaic circles: whenever Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer set out to accomplish anything extraordinary, he would go into the forest, lig…

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Divine Service Guide—the “making of”

Writing articles for the Divine Service Guide involves more than one Apostle. But not a single article escapes the scrutiny of an editor—and he reads them with eagle eyes. Part 3 of this video series shows how the foundations for our sermons come into … torage/master/file/26554725/13516278.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/884291.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />…

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Be ready

The sermon on Sunday will explore the theme “The last things” and focus on the preparations for the return of Christ. And this will also be the content of the next online service.

Rarely has a time seemed more challenging in terms of social, political, and medical issues than is currently the case: orientation and security are doubly important. Christians can find this in their faith and take comfo…

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