Praying like Jesus

The fulfilment of long-cherished wishes and a change of our personal situation for the better … this is not the kind of praying that Jesus exemplified. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider highlights some special aspects that are vital for our own … torage/master/file/22834978/11639981.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/771533.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />…

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Not in your room …

Recognising and addressing the needs of others, praying together, and making music together to praise God—this is the weekly programme of many Christians. They are out and about to make a difference.

…, but at school

“The new classrooms are already being used,” re Charitable Ministry, the charity of the New Apostolic Church USA, says although not all have desks and chairs yet. Now that the new class…

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Ministry (9): Adapting ministry to the times

Can the Apostles just go ahead and do that? Are they even allowed to reorganise the ministerial structure? Not only are they allowed to do so—they must! Read on to find out why they did so in the first place, and where the boundaries are—ministry between the past and the future.

The number of the early Christians was growing. And this was starting to cause problems. The Apostles were no longer able…

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The feast is ready, let’s not turn down the invitation!

Imagine you have been invited to a big banquet but decide not to go. The banquet takes place anyway of course, only without you. You simply miss out. The Chief Apostle had some interesting thoughts on this in a divine service in São Paulo (Brazil).

At the end of the divine service, which took place on 4 August 2019 in the Brazilian capital of São Paulo, the Chief Apostle retired the long-serving an…

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Fresh out of the oven

Enough for more than 220,000 churchgoers … This is how many wafers the wafer bakery in South Africa produces in one day. How this bread of life is produced and where it goes is shown in this … torage/master/file/22811020/11628984.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/769765.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />" />

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Liberia, a Christian country with potential

When the head of the international Church flies to Liberia this coming weekend, it will be the first ever visit of a Chief Apostle to this country in West Africa. There is excitement and joy all around.

Liberia is a Christian country. According to a 2008 census, some 80 per cent of the population are Christians. As the largest denomination, the Catholic Church has three dioceses in the country and…

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Giving thanks for fruit and fruits

A single bunch of grapes to illustrate Thanksgiving!? Where is the usual abundance and diversity? A little hair-splitting and an impulse to be double doubly grateful on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of reflection and gratitude, a feast of fruits. It is celebrated all over the world at different times, due to the different harvest periods. People in the northern hemisphere generally ce…

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“Here I am”—be creative

Creativity needs room. After all, ideas need to be able to develop and grow. This is not always easy. In fact, sometimes it requires persistence. However, when a good result has been achieved there is happiness all around.

The PR working group wants your input

The Public Relations working group of the New Apostolic Church is responsible for the annual posters that are displayed outside our churches…

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The return of Christ—our daily plea (2/2)

A belief that inspires, yet at the same time it presents us with certain challenges. “How should we talk about the return of the Lord?” Chief Apostle Schneider asks, and provides some tips.

“In order to be heard, we must do as Apostle Paul and put ourselves on the level of our audience,” the Chief Apostle explains. The recipe for achieving this can be found in 1 Corinthians 9: 20-23 and applies bot…

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The return of Christ—our firm belief (1/2)

God is omnipotent, eternal, and triune. For centuries this belief has been described in detail in the various creeds. Faith in the return of Christ can even unite today’s Christians.

The community magazine that has just been published and will be distributed over the next few days contains a doctrinal essay by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider on the return of Christ. Initially, the Chief Apostle pr…

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Issue 2019/04 of “community” is online

The Holy Spirit works powerfully both in the congregations of the church of Christ and in every individual believer. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider reminded readers about this in a recent letter to the congregations.

“The Holy Spirit works powerfully! That was how He worked in the past, that is how it is today, and that is also how it will be tomorrow. The Holy Spirit admonishes, strengthens, com…

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What is growing in your field?

Wheat or tares? If only we always knew the answer right away! At times it is only later on that we find out what has begun to grow. This is the subject matter of the New Apostolic sermons in the month of October.

In the congregations of the New Apostolic Church, the theme series for the first three Sunday divine services of the month of October bears the title: “Living by the gospel”—not “with”, no…

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A stone of stumbling in front of the church door

In front of the New Apostolic Church in Besigheim, Southern Germany, there is a “stone of stumbling” that commemorates Frida Dippon. She was the wife of the former rector, who was murdered as part of the National Socialists’ euthanasia programme in 1940.

Together with her parents, Frida Frey—who was born in Großsachsenheim, Württemberg in 1896—was among the first New Apostolic Christians in Besighe…

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Straight across the South Pacific

The trip began at the International Date Line: Samoa and American Samoa are separated by a 24-hour time difference, even though they are located in the same island archipelago. From there, the journey continued onward to the islands of Fiji.

The last stop on his ten-day trip through the South Pacific was in Christchurch, New Zealand. From Apui (in Samoa), Pago Pago (in American Samoa), and Suva (in…

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Working hand in hand for the wellbeing of others

Since its founding in the year 1997, the Stichting Corantijn, the relief agency of the New Apostolic Church in the Netherlands, has been providing charitable aid to Suriname. For a few years now, it has been receiving some support from the Church aid organisation, NAK-karitativ.

Many people only know about the country of Suriname by hearsay: some 8,000 kilometres of air travel lie between the Nethe…

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We worship God—whom else would we worship!?

Are there any commonalities between the Israelites who made their way out of Egypt some 3,000 years ago and the Christians of the 21st century? Chief Apostle Schneider elaborates on the parallels and makes some very clear statements about witchcraft, capitalism, and egocentricity.

On his trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider conducted two divine services, and ga…

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Travelling through Oceania

Fostering fellowship with sisters and brothers, sometimes while seated on the ground under the open sky, sometimes in divine services. The visit of the Church leader unleashed great joy.

The ten-day journey was tightly scheduled: meetings with Apostles, rectors, youth groups, and congregations, as well as divine services in Samoa, American Samoa, Fiji, and New Zealand—in mid-September, Chief Apostl…

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Getting the picture (10): the work after work

The photos are in the box—but the work isn’t quite done yet. Which photos are best suited to publish? And how do you prepare them for publication? Here are a few simple tips from the field.

The digital age has unleashed a flood of images on the world of photography: instead of merely a dozen photos on analog film, we can now accumulate hundreds of pictures on our memory cards. For divine service ph…

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Praying for peace!

Let us never stop: the peace in this world can certainly use our prayers. It has become weak and needs support. On this International Day of Prayer for Peace, let us indeed pray for peace.

The peace of the world is sick. If it were a person it would have to be admitted to hospital and given intensive care. Peace means friendship, and it is—without a doubt—one of the greatest desires of mankind. In…

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Young people shape the Church

Young people are the present and future of the Church. This is especially evident when youth become active and Sundays suddenly take on a completely different look. An overview of examples from three different countries awaits…

Youth Convention in Nigeria

On Sunday, 1 September 2019, over 700 young Christians came together for their regional youth weekend in the working area of Apostle Chima Okpara…

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