Drops, applicators, technology: how the wine got on the wafer

Once things were official, the problems started in earnest: how will the wine get on the wafers? It was a long road from handmade applicators and waffle irons to today's fully automated production facilities.

Bread and wine in one—for one hundred years this has been the standard practice for Holy Communion in the New Apostolic Church. How this came about? In World War One it was almost impossible t…

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One Pentecost and five international messages

Pentecost 2019 will enter New Apostolic history as a feast of internationality. Hardly ever before have so many impulses of such international significance been aired. Here are some of them to re-read.

The International Youth Convention did the leading ministers of the Church good. This was the feeling that the participants of the Pentecost service had because Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, who…

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The IYC is over. The IYC is here to stay.

No more green route, no more “Heeeere I aaaaam”, and even the French have returned home again. The IYC is over. Yet, even several days later the mega-event still dominates the Church’s media.

What is happening in New Apostolic congregations around the world? Short news items on regularly offer an overview of the many things that are happening around the world. Even a few days after the IY…

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Ministry (1): Rooted in its model

Ministry, do we really need it? And why? Different denominations give different answers. This is the beginning of a series on the concept of ministry in the New Apostolic Church.

This is a question that cannot simply be dismissed because the New Testament does address the members of the church as the “royal priesthood” once. The Lutheran and Reformed churches believe in the universal priesthood com…

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Working along on our salvation

It has been twelve years since the last visit of a Chief Apostle to the Central African Republic. There was a lot of excitement and joy both in the congregations and on the part of the Chief Apostle that he was able to conduct a divine service in Bangui, the national capital, on Palm Sunday.

The divine service on Sunday, 14 April 2019, was broadcast on national radio and television. Chief Apostle J…

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Spotlight 09/2019: Preserving our wealth

A house that is unoccupied decays. And relationships that are not fostered threaten to fall apart. What about our faith? Care instructions from District Apostle Wolfgang Nadolny (Germany).

“A prayer can move heaven and the heart of God,” it says. When we pray we should be aware that we are speaking with the triune God. This knowledge forces us to be honest and to take a very close look at what we t…

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“You are our joy” – the Pentecost video 2019

The Chief Apostle had a special message for the believers around the world in the Pentecost service. Here is the … torage/master/file/21624409/10989959.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/732639.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />" />

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Snapshots (3): Pentecost 2019 in pictures

No matter how many believers gather, “the Holy Spirit is active with His full power in every divine service”. Pictures from the Pentecost feast 2019, celebrated by the Chief Apostle in the congregation of Goslar (Germany).

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Mit aller Macht: Wie der Heilige Geist wirkt

Gestern, heute und morgen: Der Heilige Geist wirkt kraftvoll – und kann in allem Leid und aller Not trösten. Das hat der Stammapostel beim weltweit ausgestrahlten Pfingstgottesdienst vor Augen geführt.

Rund 100 Länder auf allen Kontinenten waren auf Empfang während des Gottesdienstes am 9. Juni 2019 in Goslar (Deutschland). Die Predigt drehte sich um das Bibelwort aus 1. Korinther 12,13: „Denn wir…

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Snapshots (2): Spreading comfort and hope

Defined by the comforting certainty of God’s presence and the joyful expectation of Christ’s return, the 2019 Pentecost concert riveted the audience. The pictures of an inspiring performance.

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Alle Tage – nicht nur an Pfingsten

Goslar (Deutschland) steht in diesen Tagen besonders im Blickfeld der neuapostolischen Gemeinden weltweit. Am Sonntag wird der Pfingstgottesdienst mit Stammapostel Schneider von hier aus in über 100 Länder per Satellit ausgestrahlt.

In den Tagen vor Pfingsten fand in Goslar die internationale Bezirksapostelversammlung statt. Ausgedehnte Beratungen vor allem zum neuapostolischen Amtsverständnis ware…

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Snapshots (1): District Apostles deliberate and decide

Two days, more than a dozen items on the agenda: the highest decision-making body of the New Apostolic Church has a lot to do. Pictures from the session of the International District Apostle Meeting.

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Pentecost council of the Church leaders: all eyes are on Goslar

Immediately after the International Youth Convention in Düsseldorf, the leaders of the global Church set out for Goslar (Germany) in order to discuss some complex doctrinal topics.

They took the momentum from Düsseldorf with them. The International Youth Convention (IYC) of the New Apostolic Church had inspired them all and left them with many experiences and insights. But now it is back to work: t…

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Worldwide Pentecost transmission

The transition from the International Youth Convention to Pentecost was practically seamless. But before Sunday’s Pentecost celebration there are numerous working meetings. This year’s setting is a congregation that developed from a famous mother church.

In a confidential letter to a councillor named Hoppenstedt, a policeman by the name of Wiedekamp reported strange activities: a group of people ha…

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When every word counts

What would New Apostolic divine services be without the Divine Service Guide? Every Priest knows and benefits from the publication. A group of 30 Apostles are currently together for a two-day authors’ workshop in Goslar (Germany). asked for details.

When every words counts things become a little tricky. Not every word is suitable in every context. “Word” in this case is meant in a double…

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Pentecost and Easter go together

Today, the Holy Spirit rules the church. The resurrection and ascension of Jesus has created space for the Spirit of God, whose powerful activity can be felt in the church pew. Here is what we can expect in the divine services in June.

The liturgical calendars of the various Churches agree that Pentecost Sunday concludes the Easter season. Easter, the most important season in the Church calendar, r…

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Green and used: why IYC wristbands are ending up on eBay

The International Youth Convention got an additional hashtag—one that spells stiff competition for the “narrow path”. What’s behind it, plus some anecdotes from the IYC 2019.

Adventure on the peripherals

IYC feeling? Something would be missing without at least one ride on the suburban trains. It was always the same familiar blue in blue atmosphere in the early morning and late evening. The trains we…

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Hier bin ich – von Gott geliebt

Abschluss und Höhepunkt des Internationalen Jugendtags: 30.000 junge Gläubige kamen am Sonntagmorgen in der Arena zum Gottesdienst zusammen. Stammapostel Schneider erinnerte die Zuhörer in der Predigt an die omnipräsente Liebe Gottes. Diese solle durch die jungen Christen in der Gemeinschaft erlebbar gemacht werden.

Zu Beginn des Gottesdienstes am 2. Juni 2019 blickte Stammapostel Jean-Luc Schneide…

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#IYC2019 celebrates its diversity

“HereThereEverywhere” was the name of the show which demonstrated just how big the I in IYC really is. On stage and through videos and music the youth were taken on a monumental journey across the five continents—and taking centre stage throughout was our faith in Jesus Christ.

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Panorama of the IYC (2): a packed programme

More than 250 events, about 300 hours’ worth of information and entertainment: the International Youth Convention 2019 offers visitors a packed programme. Here’s a photographic tour.

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