Spotlight 13/2019: Poverty and wealth

Can you be rich and be a Christian? Exegetes have been squabbling about this for centuries. District Apostle Raúl Montes de Oca (Brazil) picks up on this thought in our Spotlight series that highlights the Church’s annual motto.

In Uruguay, where I live, we had a President a few years ago who was labelled the world’s poorest president. Without analysing his ideological inclinations and evaluating h…

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“You feel as at home as though you were at home”

Russia, Croatia, Argentina: his success as a pastry chef and confectioner takes him around the world. Right now the native Frenchman lives in Hong Kong. What gives him stability both at home and abroad is his faith. This is a portrait about Priest Gaël Majchrzak.

Already as a child, Gaël dreamed of being a professional chef. After two years of training as a chef, he decided to take things further a…

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Paths that do not end

This week we pay tribute to two members who passed away, and we join District Apostle Isnugroho on a journey to Malaysia.

Makati (Philippines). Deacon Francisco Equia was 94 years old when he passed away on 31 July 2019. He was the oldest member of the Makati congregation. He became New Apostolic in 1974 and was one of the first members of the Church in the Philippines. He loved music, and sang in…

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Preventing violence and sexual assault

It is a burning social issue, and it doesn’t stop at the doors of the church either. Nevertheless, everyone is to know that the New Apostolic church condemns violence and sexual assault in the strongest possible terms. Such actions are violations of human personality and dignity.

It is certainly of benefit to do as much as possible in order to prevent violent or abusive incidents, which often have…

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The kingdom of God: both a present and a future reality

“It is Jesus who rules over His church. Let us therefore be careful that we do not act like kings.” Strong words from the Chief Apostle in a divine service in Santo Domingo. How it came to this …

Hispaniola Island is situated in the Caribbean archipelago, known as the Greater Antilles. It is the second largest island in the region after Cuba. Two separate independent states share the island: the Do…

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Raising awareness against sexual assault

A certificate of good conduct as a confidence-building measure: District Apostle Michael Ehrich (Southern Germany) explains the concept of awareness in advance. More on preventing violence and sexual assault on … torage/master/file/22104730/11243110.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/751995.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />…

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Impulses from the IYC – Help! My husband is a minister

How can I be a good example in faith for my children, if there is no time to look after my own soul? What can I do when my work-life-church-balance is out of balance? There were some answers at the IYC 2019.

Two women, wives of ministers, investigated these questions in a discussion group, hoping to come up with a good approach. Christina Bartels and Jana Weyh led two discussion groups during the I…

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Given for all: wafers for people with special needs

Not everyone can be so carefree when they partake of Holy Communion: some of the ingredients in the wafers can be harmful for people with certain illnesses. But even here, Germany’s main wafer bakery can provide assistance.

What happened previously: hygiene and scarcity — as of 1919, the wine for Holy Communion was no longer offered in a chalice, but rather applied directly to the wafers in the for…

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“A wonderful shepherd of the flock of Christ”

Forty-seven years in the ministry, 16 of these as an Apostle, but it wasn’t the numbers that made District Apostle Raúl Montes de Oca (Brazil/Bolivia) who he is. The Chief Apostle paid tribute to a man with special gifts. Here is a video clip of his … torage/master/file/22169637/11276503.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/751725.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />…

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When music calls the tune

There is music everywhere: the one language that all New Apostolic congregations around the world speak is the language of music—both in the divine services and on stage.

Tackling a new project

The New Apostolic Church in the Netherlands is working on a new hymnal. The current hymnal has been in use for a long time and needs to be updated, the District Church says. This applies to both the content o…

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Ministry (5): how we arrived at a third level

What sort of ministerial order does the church need? Beyond the apostolate, the New Testament does not give us a clear answer. The structure we consider so self-evident today only developed gradually over generations.

Essentially there are two kinds of church in the New Testament period. On the one hand, there were congregations with Jewish roots, and their leadership was assumed by a council of el…

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Knowledge that strengthens

The more the better: recognising divine gifts gives strength and comfort. This is a thought that fascinates the Chief Apostle. Here are some thoughts from a divine service on the richness of grace in Christ.

The Chief Apostle paid a surprise visit to the congregation in Strass in the south of Germany on 16 June 2019. He based his sermon on 2 Timothy 2: 1: “You therefore, my son, be strong in the gr…

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Faith or the Law—a delicate topic

Right or wrong, real or fake, pure or impure? There was a time when these questions played an immense role for the people of the early Christian period. The transition from the old covenant to the new covenant was not so easy.

Until well into the first century of the early Christian period, Jewish Christians comprised the majority. They had been the first to hear of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Chr…

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Spotlight 13/2019: The wealth of diversity!

In his reflections on our annual motto, District Apostle Tshitshi Tshisekedi from the Democratic Republic of the Congo calls on us to value the diversity of gifts and abilities, rather than seeing them as differences …

Usually, when we are asked to describe two people who are standing in front of us, we tend to perceive their differences much more quickly than their common points. This is all too h…

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It has been an honour

When the District Apostle Meeting was in session, he always sat in the first row, there where the Spanish-speakers sat. Because although he is the District Apostle of Brazil—where Portuguese is spoken—he speaks Spanish and is a native of Uruguay. A man with many talents is retiring.

You never really leave, an old adage says. And this is actually the case with Raúl Montes de Oca. He was the first le…

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The “Chief”—way ahead of his time

The Church’s own health insurance, a football league of congregational teams, and a working area that spanned half the globe: today we celebrate the 125th birthday of Heinrich Franz Schlaphoff—an Apostle unlike any other.

“So, if it were not for a keyring being sold for a bazaar, I would not be New Apostolic“, says Church spokesman Kenny Kotze (South Africa). The handmade piece had been offered to…

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CTM means “Children’s Teaching Material”

Abbreviations like CTM have the advantage of conveying content without constantly having to repeat a long series of words. To make a long story short, the new textbooks for Sunday School are now also being introduced in Europe.

As of the school year 2019/2020 teachers in Europe will be making use of the new teaching materials for Sunday School. The lessons boast a modern design, and contain a great…

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Faith goes deeper than the surface

Many reasons speak against considering something that cannot be explained, touched, or even seen as being existent. However, faith makes this possible.

Nearly 7,000 believers gathered for a divine service in Brandenburg on the Havel (Germany) and the surrounding congregations on Sunday, 26 May 2019 conducted by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. He based his sermon on John 20: 28–29: “And Thomas ans…

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Christians should act as Christians!

People say that handsome is as handsome does. What does that have to do with the Christian faith? A great deal, as it turns out. After all, only those who act in Christian fashion are truly Christian. Following are some highlights from Sunday sermons in the coming month.

Who are you? Who do you want to be? And how do people know you? These questions are not from a self-discovery seminar for executi…

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Getting the picture (8): Demanding subjects

From portraits to group photos, from the concert hall to the church building: every subject has its own requirements. But there are tips and tricks for any situation in which divine service photographers may find themselves.

Nearer, still nearer—beyond the centre—compress your photos: these are image composition tips that apply to nearly every photo. This was the focus of the previous edition. Toda…

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