My Jesus, the promised Redeemer

One thing is certain: “Our Lord is coming.” Every time we celebrate Advent we are reminded of this. Who exactly is it that the believers are expecting then? This is the second of four biblical points of view.

My Jesus is the promised Messiah and the only true teacher and master. I wrote a book about this.

I am a Christian who lived in the first century. I am a kind of teacher and know my way around…

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Music, the universal language

Martin Luther was convinced that music is the best balsam for a sad and hurting person. However, even happy and cheerful people love music—then as now.

Music to the honour of God

There was relaxation and fun, a divine service with Holy Sealing, and lots of music at the Day of the Youth in the north-eastern part of Brazil. More than 100 young New Apostolic Christians gathered with Apostle Reinaldo Mi…

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Martha and Maria: there is a time for everything

“At the feet of Jesus”? Or: “Of service be to Jesus”? Jesus Himself gave Mary and Martha a clear answer. But this can certainly cause confusion. Two small words, namely περισπάω and τυρβάζω‭, provide clarification.

We don’t know how many guests there were. A little earlier in the biblical passage we read about the return of the 70 disciples. Jesus was definitely not alone when He was in Bethany (Lu…

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Fellbach, a church with global reach

Fellbach, the name rings familiar in New Apostolic circles. Chief Apostle Richard Fehr was both ordained and retired there. And his successor, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, was ordained there. On Sunday, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will visit the congregation.

From Stuttgart, the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, Fellbach is easy to reach by public transport. The New Apostolic maintains a sta…

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Created in the image of God with a threefold mission

Is work a curse? On the contrary, it is a divine characteristic in man. What’s more it also allows divine gifts to grow and prosper. What environmental protection, salvation, and congregational life have in common.

“Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it” (Genesis 2: 15). This was the Bible text Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider used in a divine service…

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Ministry (13): Authority—with limits

Designated and ordained: the ordained minister is authorised to act and speak in the name of God. Nevertheless, these powers are anything but limitless.

The New Apostolic Church always understands ministry from the perspective of ministerial authority. And ministerial authority—so reads the official definition—“constitutes the right to act and speak in the name of the triune God, which is founded u…

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My Jesus — the faithful Servant

“Maranatha!” — The call for the return of Christ fits best into the Advent season, the time of expectation and arrival. But who exactly is this One who came and who is to return? Following is the first of four perspectives.

My Jesus is the devoted and unwavering Servant of God and mankind. I actually wrote a book about Him…

I am a Christian of the first century AD, and am something of a preacher typ…

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Standing together — in both distress and joy

People gather on the ruins of a house to serve as rescuers. Women and men from a small congregation come together as believers to express their gratitude. And young people gather together to orient themselves by the example of Jesus as self-aware Christians. Three images that move us.

Distress after serious earthquake in Albania

Albania had not experienced such a serious quake for decades: the earth…

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Being a Christian in word and deed — that is Advent!

The old church year is over. The new one has begun. The time of Advent is about more than merely singing nice songs, setting up the Christmas tree, and enjoying the fine aromas of the season. The season of waiting is to be a time of action!

Divine services in the Advent season always have a special character. There are many familiar songs. The Christmas tree is set up and decorated. The children—an…

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“Talking about the great deeds of God”

Those who profess Jesus are never alone. This is because God is always with them. And there is something special that radiates from anyone who has ever experienced this. And this is exactly what Christ is expecting of His helpers when it comes to serving all human beings in the kingdom of peace.

As part of his 44,000-kilometre trip through the South Pacific, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider also vi…

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Working together to make the gospel heard

The collaboration of the New Apostolic Church with other Christian denominations in Europe is expanding. The process begins with personal contacts, but keeps on progressing, even after reaching the point of membership in regional boards.

Apostles Jeannot Leibfried (France) and Clément Haeck (Luxembourg, retired as of summer 2019) have paid their first visit to Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich. The hi…

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A hundred years of common features

With the end of the anniversary year, our series draws to a close. Since 1919 bread and wine have been united in Holy Communion throughout the New Apostolic Church. Interesting bits and pieces in conclusion.


This is what the congregations did during World War One out of sheer necessity. Sometimes there was so little wine that the rest of the communion cup had to be filled with water. And…

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Volunteers: the greatest asset of the Church

The greatest asset of the Church is the readiness of so many brothers and sisters to commit themselves to their congregation and beyond. A thank-you from the Chief Apostle by … torage/master/file/23238953/11847669.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/782479.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />" />

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“I urge you to respect human life!”

New beginnings in Kasai and a jubilee in Ghana. Often, the needs of the congregations vary greatly. Sometimes there is joy and at times great sadness. Join us as we look at two congregations.

For many years, the Kasaï region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been the country’s major trouble spot. A bloody and extremely brutal conflict has been continuing to unfold almost unnoticed by the…

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Serving God and our neighbour: how, where, when?

Following Jesus? There is more to it than just believing, praying, and going to church. Above all, it means serving God and our neighbour. How, where, and when? The Chief Apostle threw some light on this recently.

“If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also. If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honour” (John 12: 26). This was the Bible text the Chief Ap…

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Save our children: Universal Children’s Day 2019

Do children really need their own awareness day? The United Nations certainly think so, because the world does not belong to our children, although it should. Some thoughts contrary to the general trend.

Universal Children’s Day is observed by 145 nations. It is a day to promote the needs and rights of children. The United Nations observes this day on 20 November every year—this marks the day in 19…

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Ministry (12): Called and ordained

A person is chosen for a ministry by God, and ordination through a human being is the way he receives it—what exactly this is and how it differs from appointments and assignments is described here.

Ordination, appointment, assignment—these are the three acts of institution that the New Apostolic Church has known since Pentecost 2019 for all ministerial levels and beyond.

Ordination is the conferring…

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“Back to Jesus—don’t allow any distance to come up”

The fall session of the International District Apostle Meeting ended with a divine service for the ministers of Europe. The focus of the Chief Apostle’s sermon was our nearness to Jesus Christ.

Tens of thousands of active and retired ministers and their partners had been invited to the divine service in St Gallen (Switzerland), which was transmitted to numerous congregations throughout Europe. The…

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Like a father

It was always there, a large capital “F” in his calendar. And it did not stand for “free”, but for the word “family”. This is how Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler regularly scheduled time for his loved ones.

He has gone down in the annals of the New Apostolic Church above all as the father of personal responsibility. At first, it was simply a question of allowing homosexuals and people living together ac…

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How to get Sunday School to the children

The new Sunday School teaching material is ready and is to be introduced everywhere. But in Africa this is not quite as simple as it may sound. This is what the District Apostle Meeting Africa is currently talking about.

How and in what format will the new teaching material for Sunday School reach the many thousands of congregations in Africa? Could it be done electronically? It would be the easies…

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