There is so much you can do with God

Ideas from the isle, voices from the continent: “With You I Can”, is the name of the song composed by Jeremy Dawson, a New Apostolic Briton. It is sung here by the virtual Youth Celebration Choir from … torage/master/file/26143453/13308227.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/872461.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />…

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… And preach the gospel!

Proclaiming the gospel—that is where Christians enthusiastically do their part. After all, they have been commissioned to do so! Everyone is to know that God is near to all people and that He loves them! This can be preached, explained, and lived in practice.

“… And preach the gospel!” — This task is performed by Apostles, Priests, and Deacons in every divine service. They preach about the love of…

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Explaining the Bible to children

Anyone who has grown up with Bible stories will likely still remember very specific images. These may have been beautiful pictures from a lovingly illustrated children’s Bible, or perhaps some especially unsettling pictures that you wanted to look at again and again in fascination as a child. This clearly shows us that telling the stories is not the only important thing.

Explaining the stories

In so…

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Mozambique: mapping the New Apostolic Church (Part 3)

Thousands of pictures, GPS coordinates, addresses, phone numbers. Bishop Alvin Witten and his wife, Jean, are gathering enormous amounts of data. What is going to happen with all the data and who will have access to it?

Jean and Alvin Witten have been travelling across Mozambique for 13 months to collect GPS coordinates of congregations, and to take pictures of churches and ministers of the more th…

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Spotlight 17/2020: Free at last!

Paul und Silas had been arrested and put in jail. Around midnight they began to sing and praise God, while the other prisoners listened. Thoughts on freedom by District Apostle Helper Frank Dzur from Canada.

Freedom is an interesting concept. Some are free, but are completely bound. Others are bound, but are completely free. Many things can bind us and take away our freedom, both naturally and spir…

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Let peace enter

“When peace with the Father attendeth my way”—an oft sung hymn in Christian churches. Peace with God is certainly right at the top of the list for Christians, but what about peace with one another? Some reflections on the occasion of the International Day of Peace.

Horatio Gates Spafford was born in 1828 in Troy, which lies in the American state of New York. The lawyer, who had developed into a wea…

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Great comfort waits beyond all the cancellations

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly upset many plans and events. But one event has not been cancelled, nor has it been postponed. Which one? The Chief Apostle recently talked about it in the online service he conducted for East … torage/master/file/26123971/13299207.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/871413.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" /> vod…

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The word of God in multimedia form

A hundred years ago it would have been unthinkable: divine services via phone-in, on television, via satellite, or the Internet. Today divine services are just a click away. Quite a lot of work goes into this to make it possible.

In many countries churches are still closed because of Covid-19. In other parts of the world, divine services are possible with restrictions in place. For months, our serv…

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Pastoral care (6): Trust needs space

Children are our future—this sentence is not only true, but it must also be verifiable. This also applies to the Church’s pastoral care, which may be confidential, but should not take place in secret. A great deal of mindfulness is required of all involved.

Unfortunately, there are more than enough examples where boundaries have been crossed. The best measure to take against this is a high degree o…

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Mozambique: in search of congregations (Part 2)

Alvin Witten and his wife, Jean, now live in Mozambique. They travel across the country, visiting hundreds of congregations, recording GPS coordinates, taking pictures of rectors and churches. Their to-do list has 1,326 congregations on it.

They have been on the road for several months now. Sometimes just the two of them, sometimes with local ministers. Sometimes by car, sometimes on foot. And when…

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The sacraments (18): The whole baptism in eight sentences

Baptism—such a simple act and yet so rich in significance and history. More than half of this series so far has revolved around this sacrament alone. It is time for a summary: here are eight key statements to remember.

Baptism comes from diving—at least in the Greek. The uniquely Christian creation baptisma (baptism) derives from baptismós (bath, washing). Rather than using the term baptō, however…

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A once derelict church restored

In 2014 the congregation in Somerset in Cape Town (South Africa) moved into a different place of worship. The “new” church building is an old Dutch Reformed Church that was taken over by the New Apostolic Church (NAC) and renovated. The history of the building is over 200 years old.

In 1817 some farmers asked their governor, Lord Charles Somerset, for permission to construct a church in the area of…

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Divine Service Guide – the basics

The Divine Service Guide? You might have heard about that somewhere. But what is it exactly? Where does it come from? And what does one do with it? Answers to these questions are provided in a seminar from the International Youth Convention 2019. Part 1 revolves around the unexpected challenges associated with the … torage/master/file/26054300/13270091.jpg" controls>…

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A divine service with singing is grace

COVID-19 has even had an influence on the liturgical sequence of the divine services: where choirs used to sing, voices must often be silent now. What remains is the search for creative solutions…

Something is missing

In several divine services, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider has emphasised how much he misses the singing of the congregation and the choir. For example, he began the divine service i…

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On the air for half a year

In mid-March, the first churches begin closing in response to the corona pandemic. The Church responds immediately: from then on, members are able to participate in divine services live-streamed on YouTube.

The New Apostolic Church has already had many decades of experience with the transmission of divine services by telephone and satellite. All around the world, selected church buildings have been…

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Mozambique: setting off into a new country (part 1)

“We are happy to finally ‘get on the map,’” explains Apostle Robert Worship enthusiastically. The administrative director of the District Church of Southern Africa is supervising an extraordinary project: the very first mapping of the New Apostolic congregations in Mozambique.

Doesn’t the church know where its congregations are located? Well, yes and no. While a rough overview is indeed available…

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How miracles happen nowadays

Miracles are not the solution—they are merely a reference to it. Rather, it is more about performing miracles of our own and sending a signal—or showing a kind of sign—in the process. How, why, and to what end? Following are some points from a divine service with the Chief Apostle.

It was a virtual event rather than a personal visit: since his trip had to be cancelled, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schnei…

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Spotlight 16/2020: Allow your eyes to be opened!

Seeing who we really are … without others judging us. That is not easy, seeing that we humans are social creatures and therefore depend on the benevolence of others. Jesus opens our eyes for reality, District Apostle Helper John Fendt from the USA says.

When we started this year, 2020, no one could have predicted all the severe circumstances that would occur. No one could have known how appropriate…

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nacfaq: update of the Questions and Answers app

Darkmode makes it perfect for night-time reading. And it is ideal for occasional reading as it provides specific answers for specific questions. The digital version of the Catechism in Questions and Answers has just be relaunched.

True, books are important. Young and old alike know that. Some read for pleasure while others read for study purposes. In addition to these, there are digital books, whic…

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Carrying on together with God

God knows everything—and long before anything happens. How does He react to the fact that human beings are constantly making the same mistakes? And what question does He ask them? Answers from a divine service by the Chief … torage/master/file/25985218/13238467.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/867192.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />…

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