From the “new light” to the “message”

It is not all that uncommon for a pendulum to swing to the other side. This too is part of the story of Chief Apostle Johann Gottfried Bischoff, who died on 6 July sixty years ago—to the dismay of many brothers and sisters.

“It is a delusion to believe that Jesus only lives in the flesh of an Apostle.” It was an Apostle who wrote this to a colleague in 1918. “Unfortunately, it happens all too often…

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God’s comprehensive care

God wants everyone to be saved, both here on earth and in the beyond. In both realms there is growing certainty: “God will take care of you”. Enjoy a touching piano version of the song, with the melody found in the German choir book, in preparation for the service for the … torage/master/file/25347620/12919276.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/848154.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" /> v…

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The word of God remains audible

Preaching comes through the word of God. Believers know this experience and appreciate it. Here is an overview of where the word of God can be heard and seen this coming Sunday.

The first in-person services after the lockdown have taken place. And although everything is a little different than before, there was joy all around at being reunited in the congregations and being able to celebrate Holy C…

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Adhering to the Bible, but in the right way

Sermons, pastoral care, leadership functions—all of these follow the standard of the Bible. But its precepts are not always clear. What Scripture says and what it does not say: a guide intended not just for ministers…

“Following the precepts of Scripture” is the title of the latest doctrinal letter by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, which is currently being published in the community magazine and…

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community 3/2020: Receiving good things and doing good

An edition filled with trust and good things. The new edition of community gives courage and showcases successful aid projects. It shows how faith can be explained and how it can practised.

In more than 70 countries, community is distributed as a printed copy—mainly to Church members do not have access to the Internet. The magazine can also can also be viewed in our digital library on and…

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Experiencing God in difficult times

A thirst for God? It certainly sounds a little unusual, almost like an abstract poem. In fact, it is a poem, a psalm, that describes the longing for God’s nearness, His protection, and support. Good thoughts in dreadful days.

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider was in Bad Segeberg in Germany on 21 June 2020 and conducted a divine service there with the following psalm: “My soul thirsts for God, for th…

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Spotlight 12/2020: Freedom, the greatest gift of God

Freedom is a free gift of God. But He does not impose this freedom upon us. He only liberates those who want it. This is the experience of District Apostle Edy Isnugroho (Indonesia).

I remember one Wednesday evening. After a service I held I noticed that a Priest—whom I knew well—had not attended. I was told that he had been sick for several weeks. I wanted to go and see him, but realising it was a…

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Flashback (3): The chance for change

What comes after the coronavirus lockdown? There is a lot of speculation about that. What happens depends above all on each one of us, the Chief Apostle made clear in an invitation he extended in the Pentecost … torage/master/file/25279800/12884355.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/846862.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />…

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Online services in 17 languages

This coming Sunday the New Apostolic Church will again broadcast divine services on YouTube. Following is the current overview, including two new countries and a new language.

The New Apostolic Church in the Ukraine also has its own YouTube channel. The Church broadcasts divine services every Sunday at 10 a.m., which can be followed online. The recordings from recent weeks are also available and o…

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Ranging from the familiar to the controversial

The divine service themes in the month of July are filled with contrast: they range from God’s loving grace to His strict law, from the hallowed Sabbath to the prohibition against killing.

Opening the treasure chest

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider compares the hope of the faithful in eternal life with a marvellous treasure. And then goes on to say: “Jesus Christ brings salvation to both the living…

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Capable of doing what others think is impossible

Why did Jesus have such a strong faith? He had inner strength, which we humans would like to have as well. The Chief Apostle mentioned five of these in a divine service he conducted for the congregations in southern Africa.

From Strasbourg (France) to Harare (Zimbabwe) in a mere second—virtually, it is possible. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider conducted the service in our church in Strasbourg (Fra…

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The sacraments (12): The durability and resistance of baptism

Acceptance, cleansing, total renewal: Scripture knows many interpretations of baptism. What the sacrament meant to people in concrete terms has changed in the course of history. Often it was a matter of politics and society.

The decisive turning-point was the Constantinian Shift, that is the period in the fourth century, when Christianity developed from a persecuted minority to the state religion o…

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Changing the form of divine services

Incense, candles, ornate robes? Without Apostle Menkhoff, divine services in the New Apostolic Church would perhaps still look like this today. Here is a tribute on the 125th anniversary of his death.

They were something like a leadership duo before the ministry of Chief Apostle was even created: Friedrich Wilhelm Schwarz and Friedrich Wilhelm Menkhoff. Winding paths brought them together.

Apostle S…

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Giving a voice to the voiceless

What refugees urgently need, besides food and water, medical care, and a roof over their heads, is hope! And prospects of a homeland, friends, and a sense of security. Unfortunately, reality presents to a completely different picture many of them is. Here is a call for reflection.

World Refugee Day has been around for more than a hundred years. Not much has changed since then. Whether people the wo…

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Welcome to the virtual church

Part of our congregational and church life has moved online because of COVID-19. Here is a look at some of the means used and what online offers are available this coming Sunday in terms of divine services.


Apostles and Bishops are coming together in video conferences and so are ministers at the congregational and district level. Travel time has been noticeably reduced thanks to online meet…

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Music to overcome the lockdown blues

One faith, many songs … Anyone who wants to see and hear how alive New Apostolic life is around the globe despite Pandemic restrictions only has to go to YouTube and look for virtual choirs. Join us for a tour of magical melodies.

The world in pandemic isolation? Well, not necessarily where church music is concerned. “Wonderful! Lots of love from South Africa!” or “Thank you! Greetings from Germany…

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God’s fourfold “Come!”

God calls us into fellowship: with Himself and with other people, for the future and right now, into a fellowship of life and suffering—and it all leads to eternal happiness. This is a mission all believers have in common.

“God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord” (1 Corinthians 1: 9). This was the Bible text of a divine service on 7 June 2020…

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Helping where COVID-19 has fueled hunger and poverty

COVID-19? For many people this is just one more emergency they have to cope with. For them it has long been a question of survival! Here is what New Apostolic organisations are working on together to alleviate the worst.

The situation in Africa is particularly dramatic, NAK-karitativ points out and reports from Kenya: “In the slums of Nairobi, the virus is causing catastrophic situations. The few h…

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Spotlight 11/2020: Jesus sets our soul free

What does freedom have to do with an eagle? Well, watching such a majestic soar higher and higher into the sky with just a few flaps of its wings is a fitting image for unlimited freedom, says District Apostle Rainer Storck of Western Germany.

In the first divine service at the beginning of the year the Chief Apostle suggested: “In 2020 I propose that we focus on this spiritual dynamic: Christ make…

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Flashback (2): God does not discriminate

Two lessons from the coronavirus crisis: what an individual does or does not do affects everyone. And: those who were underestimated showed their true worth. What all this has to do with faith? Here is an eye-opener from the Pentecost … torage/master/file/25176219/12832186.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/843808.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />…

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