New: online services in Lithuania

The range of online services has been expanded. The Church in Lithuania is now also broadcasting services on YouTube on Sundays.

In many countries, assemblies and divine services are still not possible. The offer of divine services by call-in and video transmission via YouTube is aimed especially at these brothers and sisters. The New Apostolic Church in Lithuania is now also online and offering di…

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Aid organisations amid the corona pandemic: aid workers in an ongoing deployment (Part 2)

For months at a time, aid workers toil in remote regions, only to find that they cannot even return home to their families owing to recent lockdowns. It is a crisis that stops people in their tracks, and yet still allows them to grow…

Are aid measures on the brink of failure or do projects have to be stopped altogether due to the pandemic? What are the effects of Covid-19 on ongoing and future effo…

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A church building of monumental age

A New Apostolic church building that is 350 years old—you don’t see that every day. But the Schildesche quarter of the city of Bielefeld is home to a venerable historic monument that still keeps our attention today. A little excursion into history.

“Schildesche” means something to the effect of a seed field in the shape of a shield. And indeed, a good harvest can only result from a good seed—and th…

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Casting your care upon the Lord

On Sundays we can forget about our cares for a few moments in the divine service. But God wants to do even more for us: He wants to liberate us from our cares altogether. What the Chief Apostle explained in a recent divine service was how believers can do their part in the process.

On 26 July 2020, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider conducted a divine service in Siegen (Germany), albeit with coronavi…

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Who is your God?

“One time doesn’t even count,” people often say in an attempt to diminish the weight of individual decisions and put them into a broader perspective. And indeed, what counts in the long run is not the individual misstep, but rather the fundamental inner values of the person.

Science tells us that people make some 20,000 decisions every day. Most of these are little decisions that are made subconsci…

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nacmaps: update of the congregation search app

Are you looking for a congregation in a specific city or all the congregations near your current location? With nacmaps you have the information at your fingertips.

nacmaps provides the address and contact data of thousands of congregations worldwide. The app accesses the data of the international address list of the New Apostolic Church. In addition to street and place names, it also displays a lo…

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Beauty plus great sound equals Gifhorn

It is said that the organ is the queen of the instruments. And the congregation of Gifhorn boasts a beautiful example that is as massive as it is melodious. The Chief Apostle will even have a chance to enjoy it.

Chief Apostle Schneider is expected in this congregation in Lower Saxony on Sunday, 9 August 2020. Also invited are the two District Apostles Wolfgang Nadolny (Berlin) and Jürg Zbinden (Swi…

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Fellowship and music is by no means a given

Coming together with members of our congregation to have fellowship and sing is by no means a given. Even Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider misses it. He makes it clear: much was and is … torage/master/file/25703632/13095908.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/858221.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />" />

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Online services on all continents

Here is this weekend’s helpline for those who cannot go to church. Video services will again be offered in all countries and in many languages.

“In-person services if possible, phone-in or online services if necessary.” The recommendations by Chief Apostle Schneider and the District Apostles are simple and clear: if divine services cannot be conducted at the local level on account of official publi…

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Aid organisations amid the pandemic: miracles and innovations (Part 1)

Aid organisations fight against need and suffering in the world. The coronavirus pandemic has made this battle significantly more difficult for them, however. Following are some insights into the lives of helpers who have learned to master entirely new challenges.

The coronavirus has changed everyday life, society, and people in general. While the restrictions may not be as significant in some plac…

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Being prepared when the Lord returns

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary answers,” says the Chief Apostle. And one of these is: “Get ready for the return of the Lord!” This will bring certainty in uncertain times!

“It is indeed a special time, and the question has already been put to me on several occasions: ‘Did God want this? Why is He doing this?’” What is meant here are all the restrictions resulting from the battle agains…

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The sacraments (15): The travels of baptism

Naturally baptism belongs inside the church—doesn’t it? Not necessarily: the sacrament has spent a good part of its history just outside the church doors, or in other spaces altogether. This is the story of how baptism made its long journey into the church, only to slip back outside again briefly, and finally end up back inside.

They entered the water together, both the baptised and the baptiser. A…

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Thriving in diversity

When two readers are talking about community, they are not necessarily talking about exactly the same magazine. And that is intentional. Here is a look at the broad spectrum that a single magazine covers.

The international magazine of the New Apostolic Church, community, is published in over 70 countries, either in printed or digital form. However, not all editions are the same. There are many vers…

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Using my gifts to bring glory to God

Olga Shcherban (50) is a chorus master at the Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre in Russia. Our sister in faith also puts her gift and her musical skills to use in her congregation and the Church.

Olga has been passionate about music since childhood thanks to her mother. The mother is a chorus master and her father played the trombone in the symphony orchestra. And so Olga attended concerts and watc…

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Prayer, sermon, absolution, and blessing

Many things are still possible despite the COVID-19 pandemic, among them online services on Sunday mornings. Here is the weekly update on the worldwide live streams for this coming Sunday.

Communal prayers, the word of God, the absolution, and the Trinitarian blessing can all be experienced in an online service. “Divine service is the activity of God upon human beings and a work of human beings for…

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Christians proclaim Christ

What was the lifeworld of the early Christian congregations like? And how can it be compared to our own today? Acts 2: 42 gives us a good idea. This is where the core values of the gospel are listed in a single sentence. These will be explored in the sermons in the New Apostolic divine services in the month of August.

The contents of the first four Sunday divine services in August revolve around th…

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A treasure that makes truly rich

Last year in late autumn, the Chief Apostle visited New Apostolic congregations in Malaysia and Myanmar. His travel itinerary included two ministers’ meetings, a meeting with the Apostles of South-East Asia, two concerts, and three divine services.

On Wednesday, 30 October 2019 the Chief Apostle set of for Kalaymyo, one of the most rapidly growing provincial towns in Myanmar. In the Burmese languag…

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Spotlight 14/2020: Doing something good for ourselves and others

Doing something good for yourself and giving your neighbour without expecting anything … This is what District Apostle Tshitshi Tshisekedi (Democratic Republic Congo South-East) reflects on in his article on our annual motto.

In his New Year’s message, the Chief Apostle emphasised that the love of Christ makes us free to do good things without expecting anything in return. Today people are usually…

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naccatechism: an update on the mobile Catechism

Whether you want to check the wording of the Ninth Article of Faith, learn more about the immortality of the soul, or read up on a thought from a sermon in chapter 10 of the Catechism—it’s all very easy with naccatechism.

The New Apostolic doctrine has been published in many languages—you can either leaf through some 500 pages in the print version or find one of many digital variants on the Interne…

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“God is still active!”

Lockdowns and additional restrictions have brought congregational life across the world to a standstill. Why does God allow something like this? The Chief Apostle answers this question with a much more meaningful … torage/master/file/25469504/12982448.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/852505.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />…

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