Wafers non-stop: a visit to the bakery

Successful recipes are a trade secret—normally. But this is not the case when it comes to the products of the New Apostolic wafer bakery, which are distributed around the world by the billions. Here is a look behind the scenes.

Starting in 1917, hygienic concerns and economic hardship made it necessary to replace the wine chalice being used in the celebration of Holy Communion in the congregations…

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He went out of his way to love people

Chief Apostle Richard Fehr, his successors say, was an innovative thinker—someone who was very forward-looking. Under his direction many regional churches came into being across the world. Today he would have been 80 years old.

His birthday could have looked something like this: hundreds of phone calls, and even more emails and birthday cards. In the afternoon he might have gone to the office for a…

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Retrospective (4): On the green route

During the IYC 2019, four routes led to the Arena, the longest of which was the green route: a good 45-minute walk. However, instead of complaining the youth simply made the best of it and partied along the … torage/master/file/21944562/11157689.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/743093.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />…

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Meeting points

Building bridges—between denominations and continents, but also between this world and yonder world. This is part of the daily life of faith of New Apostolic Christians all over the world. Here are three examples.

Giving joint witness

The Long Night of the Churches is an annual ecumenical event in Pinsdorf (Austria). In May this year for the first time, the Catholic church and the New Apostolic cong…

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Walking in the footsteps of young Samuel

A grey-haired person is lying next to the altar asleep. A boy walks up to the sleeping figure. What is going on in the church? This is a divine service for children with the Chief Apostle. The topic: hearing a very specific voice and understanding it.

Already the sheer numbers of children made this a very special divine service: more than 2,500 were in our Lavistown church in Cape Town (South Afric…

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Ministry (3): A matter of authority

What exactly is a ministry permitted to do? Anything that is part of its authority: where do these powers come from, and what purpose do they serve? The answers to these questions constitute the focus of part three in this series on the New Apostolic concept of ministry.

Exousia, exousia, exousia … Whenever Jesus teaches, He does it with exousia. Whenever He forgives sins, it is on the very same ba…

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Spotlight 11/2019: Beyond the grave

In our “Spotlight” series, District Apostles share their thoughts about the respective yearly motto. This year’s “Rich in Christ” prompted District Apostle Joseph Ekhuya (Kenya) to remember a young Ugandan martyr.

Our Chief Apostle has declared that “Rich in Christ” shall be our motto for the year 2019. When I heard this motto the first time, it was a little confusing. However, as he continues to e…

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Impulses from the IYC: why being in a relationship is better

What does my faith have to with partnership? And what role does our psyche play in looking for a partner? These and further questions were the topic of a panel discussion at the International Youth Convention 2019.

Participating in the panel discussion were Bishop Gerd Kisselbach (Germany), Lars Aweh, a certified psychologist, and six young people—single adults and couples—who talked about their ex…

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Retrospective (3): The divine service of the IYC

“Here I am,” God says. The believer should not only experience this but also pass it on and share it with others. But sometimes it is the Apostles and ministers who get in the way of experiencing God. Here is what the Chief Apostle says about … torage/master/file/21869900/11114819.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/741971.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />…

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It’s Sunday again …

This coming Sunday the New Apostolic Church will celebrate the divine service for the departed. This special service not only commemorates the departed, but in it the sacraments are dispensed to souls in the realms of the departed.

On Sunday we will celebrate the divine service for the departed. How does the New Apostolic Church explain its divine services for the departed? How can we explain to pe…

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Getting the picture (7): composing photographs instead of taking pictures

It only takes seconds to plan better photos. This can even be done in a divine service. All it takes are three simple tricks, not special equipment or reference books.

In order to give your photographs the edge, and have them stand out among the thousands and thousands of snapshots in the twenty-first century, here are a few tips. You don’t need expensive camera equipment and elaborate image proces…

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The concept of ministry in a nutshell

The concept of ministry is on every channel: in addition to the latest issue of community , the Divine Service Guide and are busy explaining the most current doctrinal statements—sometimes more exhaustively, and sometimes more succinctly. Here is the abridged version for those who are in a real hurry.

Everything that church is, and everything on which it is based, has its origin in the pe…

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Tomorrow starts today

The divine services in the month of July focus both on the faith of the individual and the whole of the church of Christ—reflections on the future that are supposed to have repercussions on the present.

The church of Christ is the community of all who have been baptised, who follow Christ, and who profess Him as their Lord—well known words for a Christian. Baptism, following Christ, and professing…

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community is online: issue 2019/03

Week after week, believers around the world gather for divine services in their congregations—a joy they all share. However, their living conditions could not be more different. The new issue of community takes a look at the diversity of our congregations and features special divine services.

The Chief Apostle thanks the congregations

“The congregation is alive and active” is the title of the Chief…

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Retrospective (2): The IYC at a glance

Faith, knowledge, party … This is how colourful and eventful the International Youth Convention 2019 was. Enjoy the video overview of the three-day … torage/master/file/21796800/11074804.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/740156.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />" />

Photo: Oliver Rütten

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Light despite massive power outage

A congregational anniversary in the dark—that does not happen very often. Nevertheless, New Apostolic congregations in Argentina proved that it can be done. They celebrated their anniversaries peacefully.

Anniversary celebrations despite power failure. On 16 June Argentina stayed dark. A massive power outage hit the country. The blackout also affected Uruguay and parts of Paraguay. Millions of peop…

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Ministry (2): the key to understanding

The divine and the human (or the all-too-human) are joined together in ministry. How are these entities supposed to fit together? We gain insight into this question by looking at the model behind it all, namely Jesus Christ, who not only defines ministry by way of word and deed, but also by way of His nature.

What is Jesus Christ? God or man? The answer is both. In any event, that has been Christen…

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“There are no dead ends for God!” Concerning the resurrection of Jesus …

Christians believe in the resurrection of Jesus. Really? More and more doubt is being cast on this core statement of the gospel. Some think it nothing more than a nice story, others consider it to be symbolic. But for believing Christians, it is more than that.

“Even though the resurrection of Jesus Christ is impossible to grasp with the intellect, a closer inspection will show that it has many dif…

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IYC impulses: how faith and a successful career go together

In order to be successful you have to be ruthless and selfish. So how does faith fit in there? Stephanie Tritt, a professor of radiology and neuroradiology, gave some thought-provoking impulses on how being a Christian and being a boss can be reconciled.

“It’s up to you! Between career, children, church …” This was the title of a keynote speech followed by a question and answer session during the I…

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Spotlight 10/2019: Peace, an immeasurable wealth

Living together peacefully is how man and society can bring about a change for the better. District Apostle Rainer Storck (Western Germany) urges us to search for and grasp divine peace and apply it in a targeted fashion.

Peace among people and nations is a precious commodity, one that is becoming rather rare in our time, unfortunately. It has been statistically established that nations or societie…

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