Actions speak louder than words

Simply saying “I love you” is not enough. “Do something concrete and give what is needed.” Some food for thought on Christian love from a divine service by the Chief Apostle.

In November 2018 Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider visited South-East Asia. Over the last week of his trip, he was in Indonesia and celebrated several divine services and had meetings with the leading ministers. On Sunday, 25 N…

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IYC: the emphasis is on the “I”, and quite a challenge

The International Youth Convention 2019 is truly meant to be international: not only through presentations by the worldwide District Churches but also by the many young visitors from as many countries as possible. That’s quite a challenge.

The majority of the New Apostolic youth would like to be there of course, but for many the chance to visit Germany will remain an unfulfillable dream. It became…

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Our annual motto artfully designed

“Draw the motto ‘Rich in Christ‘!” This is a challenge that graphic designers across the world have taken up. shows some of the first illustrations and drawings.

At the request of the District Churches, brothers and sisters in many countries have drawn, designed, and painted our 2019 motto. What emerged is a variety of logos and graphic designs. The designers were given enough freedom to…

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Rich in Christ (1) – the basics

God is immeasurably rich. And He wants to share His wealth with mankind. How can we participate in it? The Chief Apostle on his motto for 2019 “Rich in Christ”—a divine service in four … torage/master/file/19529351/09945514.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/671263.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />" />

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New year, new ideas – How 2019 started around the world

Cancelled services because of heavy snowfall, Sunday School with recorder and trombone ensembles, and an annual programme of learning and praying. These are some of the different ways New Apostolic congregations across the world launched into the new year.

Heavy snowfall cancels divine services

After massive snowfall in the south of Germany, the authorities in southern Bavaria have called out a stat…

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Preserving memories (1) – Testifying with the camera

To share means to communicate. Photos do not just preserve memories. They can also picture and testify of faith. But, please, no cameras in divine services! But why not? Maybe we should have them, but then with the corresponding know-how. Here is the first article of a new series.

One event, two photographers. Although the woman is in her high heels, she can hardly be heard as she walks around. The…

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God’s word in all its power and beauty

Living and powerful, sharp and piercing: the word of God is full of surprises. And a single Bible verse makes this abundantly clear: a small lexicology from a divine service by the Chief Apostle.

“The Bible text describes God’s word in a very comprehensive and beautiful way.” This is how Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider started the divine service on 22 November 2018 in Palangkaraya on the island of…

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IYC preparations are in full swing

In just a little over five months from now the exhibition grounds in Düsseldorf will throw open their doors for the International Youth Convention 2019. What has been planned? Who is invited? Here is an overview.

Just recently, the IYC app was redesigned. Version 1.3 of the app is available for free download for iOS and Android devices. On the app as well as on the website you can f…

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“I have been welcomed warmly”

About a hundred days into his new task as District Apostle in the newly established District Apostle Area Western Pacific, we asked District Apostle Peter Schulte what has changed for him and what his expectations are for 2019? An interview with Peter Schulte.

District Apostle Schulte, how do you feel after your first hundred days in office?

The year that I spent as District Apostle Helper was inva…

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Young talent takes centre stage

Leading by example … This is also possible with recorders, as South African Apostles and Bishops recently proved. And that was only the prelude to the Year of the Child, during which this woodwind instrument will hit the big … torage/master/file/19418589/09893857.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/669116.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />" />…

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If you have a choice …

Doing the right thing or deciding on a new Bible edition or the right kind of fuel … People have to make decisions every day. A look at some recent situations around the world.

Doing the right thing

“Love and help your neighbour,” it says on the website of NACSEA Relief, the relief organisation of the New Apostolic Church in South-East Asia. “We don’t need the media for this. Let us be sensitive to…

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The purpose of the church

Success in life and finding one’s personal life balance: something most people certainly don’t need God for. So why do we even still need the church? A clear answer from Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider.

The universality of the church is a topic that is featured in the latest issue of community and African Joy. The term is derived from the Third Article of Faith, which the New Apostolic Church shar…

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Like athletes on the road to victory

This race requires commitment, endurance, and willpower. However, the point is not to defeat others. Here is a training plan to follow, based on a divine service of the Chief Apostle.

The focus of the divine service in Manila (Philippines) on 18 November 2018 was on a crown. The reason for this was the Bible text, James 1: 12: “Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approve…

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Changes in the circle of the Apostles (2/2018)

Eight Apostles were ordained by Chief Apostle Schneider in the second half of last year. He also appointed two new District Apostles. One Apostle passed away, six Apostles and two District Apostles retired, and one Apostle was dismissed.

On 31 December 2018 there were 355 active Apostles. They are supported by an additional 253,000 priestly and diaconal ministers in 59,000 congregations across the…

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You must be able to believe

On 6 January Christianity celebrates Epiphany to commemorate the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ. The Greek word epipháneia was used to designate the arrival of the Roman emperor, and rendered as adventus in Latin.

“… who [Christ Jesus], being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in t…

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When Jesus knocks at the door

“God is in our presence”, is the title of an old hymn. Its original title “Remembering the glorious and sweet presence of God” expresses what people tend to often forget, namely that God is their daily companion.

Gerhard Tersteegen, a well-known church man in his day, made God’s presence a kind of blueprint for his life. The man from the Lower Rhine area was a follower of Lutheran pietism and fough…

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Individuals who have left their mark

The past year was marked by changes in the governing body of the Church. Four District Apostles retired in 2018. A brief retrospective on men full of generosity and energy.

His wide open and outgoing attitude is what distinguished District Apostle Bernd Koberstein who retired in February 2018. The members of the youth orchestra of his district in Germany gave him the nickname “Orchestra Bishop” bec…

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A new step on our way to a concept of ministry

The definition of ministry remains a prominent topic: in 2018, the focus was above all on the priestly ministry. New regulations will come into effect on Pentecost 2019. The Chief Apostle himself will inform the members in detail in advance.

To replicate the early church in faithful detail in order to be completed as the church of the end-time: such was and is the objective of the apostolic movemen…

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community is online: issue 2019/01

Proclaiming the gospel to non-Christians and being innovative … This is what Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider calls for in his article on the universality of the church and the gospel. More in the newest issue of community.

Bringing the gospel to all people

“I am convinced that we should also turn more of our attention to non­Christians. Let us show the same courage as the first Christians and let u…

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Our 2019 motto: Rich in Christ

God is rich, and He wants us to benefit from His wealth. What does this wealth consist of? How can we acquire it? These are the questions we will occupy ourselves with over the coming weeks and months, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider says in his New Year … torage/master/file/19154090/09770390.jpg" controls> … /smil:nacfiles/658644.smil/jwplayer.m3u8" />…

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