nacworld is the social networking website of the New Apostolic Church International, and enables Christians from all over the world to come into contact. It is geared towards members of the New Apostolic Church. Members of other churches or religious communities are also welcome to join. The platform is open to all who are interested.


The idea for nacworld arose during the preparations for the European Youth Day (EYD), held by the New Apostolic Church from May 21-24, 2009 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The project application from October 2006 states, "In an interview in Johannesburg in 2006, the Chief Apostle spoke of the importance of interacting with others in the New Apostolic community in order to awaken a feeling of pride in being New Apostolic among young members. Our vision is to enable youth members in Europe and all over the world to form and maintain contacts beyond national boundaries ..."

In October 2007, youth members from various New Apostolic Church districts first met in Heidelberg. They discussed the design, programming languages, legal and data protection issues, organisational structure, marketing, and many other issues. After one year of preparation, the platform went online on November 1, 2008, sponsored by the EJT gGmbH. By the EYD in May of 2009, nacworld had already become an important means of forming contacts between participants. Since then, nacworld has continued to offer new features. In January of 2010, the New Apostolic Church International in Zurich, Switzerland assumed sponsorship for nacworld.

Mission Statement

- nacworld is the social network for all New Apostolic Christians, or who are similarly interested, or for those who may associate with the New Apostolic Church throughout the world
- nacworld stands for "one faith - one future" - for the reinforcement and support of the community and faith, as well as for the vision and mission of the New Apostolic Church
- nacworld stands for Christian values and for a dignified and respectful interaction with each other
- nacworld creates ties and supports a tolerant exchange of topics regarding faith and the society without language, cultural or religious barriers
- nacworld does not have commercial interests, is free of charge for its members and is financed by the New Apostolic Church
- nacworld recognises the value of personal data and proactively protects under age members
-nacworld lives by and with the voluntary and responsible commitment of its team
- nacworld stands for modern design, user-friendliness and the newest development techniques


nacworld is a multi-language project available in the German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Italian languages.

Age Groups

Within the New Apostolic Church, members are divided into four age groups: children, youth, middle-aged, and senior. These categories are also used on nacworld, allowing for age-specific targeting. Communication and exchange on nacworld is possible among different age groups.


nacworld offers the following features in addition to profile pages (which can include personal details, interests, and church activities):

- Blogs (reading and writing)
- Guest books (reading and posting)
- Interest-based groups (setting up and joining)
- Viewing other members´ profile pages
- Sharing files (pictures, videos, and other documents)
- Message system
- Dialogue- and Group-Chat

Registering for nacworld

An nacworld account is free of charge. There are no premium features. nacworld has no income from advertising or sponsoring.

Setting up a nacworld account requires the user´s real name, date of birth, gender, and an e-mail address. Each member can set up a profile page, visit other profile pages, and communicate with other members.


Members can determine how much of their personal data is visible to others. This includes if and how the date of birth, contact information, and pictures are shown.

Since nacworld is not indexed, which means that search engines don´t have access to the data or content of member profiles.

Protection of Minors

Contact to underage members is restricted according to certain criteria.

New Apostolic Church

The New Apostolic Church is an international, Christian Church. The foundation for its teachings is the Bible. It developed out of the Catholic-Apostolic Church in 1863 and since then is led by Apostles, as were the first Christian congregations. The return of Christ as well as vocation and brotherly love are central to the New Apostolic teaching.

The New Apostolic Church emphasises the concept of self-responsibility. Each individual is accountable for his or her actions before God. The Gospel and the values contained in the Ten Commandments are the foundation for guiding one´s actions.

The New Apostolic Church is politically neutral and independent, and is financed by voluntary member contributions.

It currently has almost 11 million members worldwide.