Group Guidelines

1. The nacworld user agreement and the nacworld code of conduct are approved by all nacworld members at the moment when they register. The user agreement and code of conduct are superior to the group guidelines. The group guidelines applies to all group members and the group leader and his/her specified group moderator(s).

2. The following group guideline statements refer explicitly to the rights and obligations of the group leader in the presentation of his group.

3. The group leader has special rights within his group. It is his responsibility to determine any defined procedures in compliance with the user agreement and code of conduct

  • who can join the group as a group member,
  • which group member will be excluded from the group and
  • what technical features are enabled in the group.

4. The group leader has special duties within his group. He is responsible for ensuring that the user agreement and code of conduct of each group member and of all group activities are observed. nacworld assists the group leader by sending system messages of all new and changed posts in his group.

5. It is the responsibility of the group leader to actively moderate in his group and to inform nacworld without delay should there be a violation aginst the user agreement and/or the code of conduct caused by a group activity or by a group member. The Group leader is particularly obliged,

  • to actively moderate the group,>/li>
  • to check its contents and activities,
  • to report any violations of the user agreement and the code of conduct and
  • any exclusions of group members, without delay to nacworld.

6. To assist in the exercise of his rights and obligations the group leader may appoint other group members as group moderators. The group leader is responsible for the supervision of his appointed group moderators and their activities on behalf of nacworld. If the group leader fails in his supervisory duties, nacworld may compel him to replace a defaulting group moderator by another group member .

7. If a group leader is no longer able to continue with his duties of rights and responsibilities, he is able to nominate another nacworld member to act on his behalf as "group leader" (even temporarily), or allow the group members to choose a nomination from within the group. Should the group leader be unable to find another person to act on his behalf as group leader, he may apply to nacworld for the activity of the group to be temporarily made inactive. If the group leader cannot or wiil not permanently maintain his responsibilities, he may request the group members to make a new nomination. In either case, the regulation regarding a successor requires a message to be sent to nacworld. nacworld members who have been previously temporarily barred may not take over the function of group leader.

8. Should a group leader neglect his rights and obligations or violate the user agreement, code of conduct or the group guidelines, he may be warned, be dismissed from his position, or have his nacworld profile temporarily or permanently barred.

Before the execution of one of the aforementioned measures, the group leader in question should be allowed three calendar days in which to explain his situation. If no defence is made, nacworld will decide any further steps, using reasonable discretion under consideration of known objective facts.

When nacworld is required to replace a group leader, the group members will be informed by nacworld of any actions taken. The group members have the option to choose a new group leader within 7 days. During these 7 days nacworld will take on the group leader function. The new group leader can only assume his activity subject to the approval of nacworld.