Code of conduct

The following rules, which are binding, govern the conduct of all users of the network, of all contents in profiles and groups, for pictures and links, as well as for the handling of data which is accessible within the network:

1. Respectful expression of communication and politeness to each other are fundamental to the principles of our network. In accordance, therefore, it is not permitted for any persons in our network to be negatively characterized, to be mobbed or to be ridiculed.

2. Any forms of publication which contravene current legal rights are fundamentally not permitted.

3. Repeated sending of messages is not allowed when the recipient has conveyed disapproval.

4. The sending or organization of chain mail, pyramid schemes, competitions, lotteries, betting or the like is forbidden.

5. Details given in profiles and groups must reflect the truth. The contents of profiles and groups, as well as pictures and links may only be publicized for private purposes. Further use of data originating from other users throughout the network is in no way permitted.

6. It is the users’ personal responsibility, in all respects, for all publications they produce and for their consequences (data, information and pictures, as the case may be).

7. Users should be recognizable in pictures which they upload into their profile.

8. Users may only publish information for which they hold the rights. Permission must be obtained from respective third parties prior to the publication of any property of those parties.

9. Users may not publish any form of commercial or political advertisements.

10. Racist, violent, politically extreme, sexual, discriminatory or any other offensive form of publication, including such which denigrate, slander, threaten or verbally belittle other persons, races or religious confessions are not permitted.

11. Nude and pornographic pictures and material, or the depiction of bodily or sexual assault are not permitted. Similarly forbidden are pictures of victims of violence, victims of war or victims of natural disasters, the use of unconstitutional symbols and the depiction of motives which glorify violence or any accounts of acts of war.

12. Mail must be handled by users with discretion. It may only be made accessible with the express approval of the sender.

13. Data may not be manually or automatically read out, stored, edited, altered, redirected or used commercially for the purpose of data gathering without prior permission or in any similar manner misused.

14. Profiles within the network and internet sites may not be set up which serve to read out information, to store, to edit, to alter, to redirect or to misuse in any other manner.

15. Viruses, links, programs or other practices may not be applied or distributed which would violate the general conditions of the use of nacworld.

16. The disclosure and exchange of passwords, codes and serial numbers of any form are not permitted on the platform.

17. It is forbidden to make technical attacks on nacworld with the intention of completely or partially altering the data of individual users, to misuse, to delete or to cause damage in any form. Technical attacks to the platform of the New Apostolic Church or to the database of the network in any form are equally forbidden.

18. In addition to the code of conduct the user agreement must also be observed.

Penalties for violations

1. Violations against the user agreement or the code of conduct will result in a warning to the user, temporary or permanent barring of his profile or profile deletion.

2. Profiles which mirror the actual identity of another user will be deleted without warning at the first violation.

3. The New Apostolic Church, as provider of nacworld, reserves the right to immediately delete any profile or group for gross violations without serving prior warning.

4. When a group founder is deleted, the nacworld team will place the group moderator as the new group founder. If there is no group moderator, the profile of the longest group membership of the respective group will be selected as the founder.